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Anyone know Seamus Heaney's 'Strongman' poem?

I have english coursework in for tomorrow and it would really help if someone knew the poem 'Strongman' by Seamus Heaney.

The question is "How do the Poets make us feel both Admiration and Pity for the Two Fathers in “Strongman” and “Follower”?" I already have the poem 'follower' but obviously it would really help if someone could tell me Heaney's poem.

Thanks :-)



it's Toni Curti's poem, not Heaney's.

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    I can not find this poem anywhere. Check out this site, it has several of his works. It may be there. good luck:

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    I think that we admire the father in the first part of the poem because he is such a strong support for his family. We pity him because it seems that he regrets that later in his life he can no longer have that strength.

    We admire the son because he grows up to take the place of his father. He grows into his strength and is able to take the place of his father, caring for his father as his father cared for him. We pity the son because we realize that he loses this man who has always been his example of strength.

    The poem is interesting because what it talks about is a natural cycle of life, but change is always hard for people to cope with.

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