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Can I make ANY money recycling aluminum?

I heard they buy it in the ton but then why do the fire department and animal shelter collect aluminum cans if it is pointless? What about other scrap metals (like buying a trashed cars for $100) then selling the scrap is that worth anything?

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    Lots. Like the others said, whats your time worth? I work in the scrap business and see people every day that scrap for a living. Some make good money, 50 to 60 G's a year. True, most yards buy by the ton, but you can sell less than a ton. If they are a legitimate business, their scales are certified by the department of agriculture and way to the pound. Go to your local yard and talk to the customers and workers, then call some local business that produce scrap and see if you can find enough to make it worth your time.

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    Yes you can but it depends how much your time is worth. For example, if you collect cans and can manage to get an office building to give up their cans (that they have to pay to have recycling companies pick up), you can make some quick cash that way.

    As for scrap metals, you can't really do certain types of metal like copper unless you're affiliated with a trade that uses copper (due to all the copper theft going on in North America to sell). As for scrapping cars, they buy it because they make a small profit or they sell of car parts for people who need to buy them (ie: glove box, car window, etc).

    Don't do it if you don't have the space or time for it because it's not like people come every single day to buy used car parts.

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    yes, you can make money recycling aluminum a well as other scrap metals like steel, Iron, HMS, copper, brass etc. information on daily scrap metal prices and news are found at source listed below

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Sure u can any metal will bring some loot but not much my girls uncle makes a lot of cash this way find a scrap yard thay will buy your old metal

  • Will T
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    9 years ago

    Aluminium has a good value compared with other metals, copper, lead, zinc are also good.

    Don't bother with iron, steel though not worth the effort.

  • dee
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    4 years ago

    Well, technically, in Michigan you wouldn't make any cash, considering that they charge another ten cents per bottle or can whilst you first purchase it. That is the inducement for bringing the cans again, or else, they only made yet another ten cents. But if the cans weren't yours (like you have been in a road easy up challenge and located 100 cans) you might take them to any grocery store and get 10 cents per bottle, or a buck for a hundred cans. Different states have exceptional prices, and a few have none at all.

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    It can be done, but you wont make ALLOT of money, I guess at most 100 USD per day.

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