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Is AM-2201 Legal in my country?

Hi, I'm from Bulgaria and the just got the law for the JWH series but I don't know if AM-2201 is still legal here. I will translate you the law to see if it is, because I cant fully understand it. At the beginning there is a list of names such as:





in this list there is no AM-2201 or any AM at all

but in the bottom after the list the law says:

and isomers,esters,ethers and salths of the chemicals, INCLUDED in this list, in every case when these isomers,esters,ethers and salths(including the listed salths of esters, ethers and isomers)can exist.

So what this means is it still legal because it says INCLUDED in this list and it is not included?

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  • 9 years ago

    No, it is not.

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