Should i upgrade SSD or RAM?

Aight, currently everything in my Pavilion dv7 2270us laptop is stock:

-Core2 Quad@2.0ghz

-2 x 2GB ddr3 ram @1333(only runs at 1066 i believe, not sure y they include faster than supported ram)

-ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 - 1GB GDDR

-HDD: Seagate Momentus 7200rpm 500-GB Hard Drive 16mb cache

-Win7 x64

I need to choose between

-8 GB ram (both slots are full already) - $80

-ram and small SSD (for OS only) - $80 + $100ish

-large SSD for OS and prog files(120GB or so, i have a lot of necessary prog files) - $250ish

I use the laptop for school (Visual Studio, Office, web, adobe cs progs, etc) and games (SCII, COD, BFBC2, etc).

My boot time is bugging me, but i could also use less lag when multi-tasking and better performance in games.

The SSD is far more expensive so i only want to choose it if it will give a significantly larger boost.

Also, would installing all my prog files on an SSD change much? or would it make the most difference with the OS?

Please include your tech exp

Thank you.

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  • 9 years ago
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    An SSD will help significantly with the boot time. You will be able to copy and move files faster.. but an SSD is really expensive .. You can improve your boot time by disabling useless programs which start running when the PC boots using Ccleaner or other software .

    U can buy an SSD for the OS alone to get a better boot time and use a conventional HDD for your software and games. .. an SSD won't increase the gaming performance much.

    I would advise against the 3rd option as 8GB ram would be good for games.

    An SSD won't help much for the applications you have mentioned.. the applications may open faster but that's about it..

    In short.. An SSD will result in faster boot time and faster file copying/moving

    The 2nd option is the best for your needs (U can choose the 1st if u want to . But the 3rd option would be a bad choice according to me.)

  • 9 years ago

    My friend,

    I care not if you want my tech experience. But I have a BSEE, and ASDP, education wise. I own a company that fixes computer, and sells software online.

    A SSD is a great item, and prices will go down. But let me explain one analogy:

    Your hard drive is like your refrigerator it stores the programs until they will be used. Your memory or RAM is like your plate on the table while you are eating dinner. Programs from your refrigerator are placed on the plate. You are only using what is on the plate at any one time. Your plate is only so big, so you can only put so much on it at a time.

    The SSD is your hard drive, or refrigerator if you will. It stores programs. The Memory size, is like your plate, it is where all the activity happens at any one time.

    Alright, enough analogy. The SSD will make it boot faster, and partly make programs run faster. But if I were you, I would invest in the Memory. Because programs run faster, with less use of the hard drive. Its cheaper, and the best investment you can make. Go for it, but remember a 32 bit operating system (which most are) is limited to 3GB of memory.

  • 3 years ago

    i exploit an i5-2410M (GPU Intel 3000) with 8 GB DDR3 1333 in my 4330s HDD 320 GB 7200 rpm. It heats (GPU) and many times malicious program devoid of warning, I bumped off the lid and place on a medium 2-fan, it incredibly is fairly stable. Now that i've got chanced on a thank you to calm down actual, i'm searching for a i7-2820QM regularly compliant (Soket: rPGA988B / BGA1023 (FC PGA988 sisoftware sandra)). it incredibly is why i'm decrease back on all boards! greeting

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    9 years ago

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