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Does the god of Abraham allow a parent to accept eternal torment in the place of their (adult) child?

Surely you would take your child's place..............grown or not, they are still your children.

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    I probably wouldn't for my kids. I mean they may have done something really horrible after I sold them to the Gypsies.

  • The religion of Abraham has no concept of eternal torment in the first place.

    It also has no concept of vicarious atonement.

    If you do something wrong, it's up to you and you alone to make amends for the harm caused. No one else can possibly repent on your behalf either. Those are the two aspects which matter most, sincere repentance and making amends as much as possible. Prayer and good works done on your behalf by others, maybe. But you shouldn't count on that.

    That's the way it works in Judaism. Maybe G-d really does have completely different rules for Christians.

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    I don't think so.

    It's the kids that are held responsible

    for the sins of the parents.

    Or so I've heard..

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