Christians with drug past?

I'm 15, and I'm a Christian. I'm also known as one of the biggest screw ups and druggies in my school, in my town. And trust me, I live in a big city. 4 different high schools. Everyone thinks that. half of the people I'm around don't even know that I'm Christian or have a belief at all. I recently accidentally overdosed, I was just trying to get high, and not being proud of it, I'm glad it happened because if it didn't I would've never been admitted into a treatment center. I don't have the right motivation to stop partying or smoking or anything else I do, trust me it'd be a long list. I like the feelings that it gives me too much. But I also don't want to do any of it. The power of liking it too much to quit is over ruling ther power I have to stop. In other words, I think I'm letting satan rule over me more than God. I need advice from Christians/restored christians that have a past with it or are still struggling with it. I don't care if you're 17 or 50. If you understand my position, please help.

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    Once the door is opened, all bets are off as to how your life will turn out.

    This is what happens.

    Being not stoned is so depressing, life becomes unbearable.

    The euphoria of being stoned becomes the reason to exist.

    How do you correct it? Not easy at best. A long term drug program, with strong group therapy from other drug addicts can help. At your age though, it is doubtful you will be given the kind of tough love needed from your peers.

    A 2 week or 2 month program is not going to work. A 1 year to 2 year is best. [it took about a year and half for me]

    Without the motivation to change, there is not much hope. God is how I survived, but it was not easy and still is not easy. I still suffer from the damage I caused myself. Maybe a sober Christian boy friend could help but doubt that as well. When the thrill is gone, life and all its depressions will close back in on you.

    I have been asked by others the same kind of question. And my best answer is, "The problems you face are beyond what I can offer in the way of help. You need to go to God and ask Him for help." Sorry, I can not be more help than this. But the one serious piece of advice I can give, "is to correct the problem sooner than later." The more damage you do to yourself, the harder it is going to be to stay clean.

    A fiercely Independent Irish Christian Eschatologist.


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  • 9 years ago

    Well my friend i was in your situation. All of my friends did drugs as did i. Though i only smoked marijuana i cannot relate to your overdose but i can relate to how you feel. Satan wants you to think your a bad person and that God could not forgive you. Trust me God loves you even when you were doing bad things he hates the sins but loves the sinner. Jesus will always be with you my friend. When Jesus was on the cross a Thief told him he belevives in him and Jesus told him i will see you in paradise. Though humans may have already stereotyped you as a drug addict christian hypocrite as i was stereotyped. Just ignore this and stick with Jeusus plan for you. What is amazing about what you and I went through is that we can help others who are struggling ,

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  • 9 years ago

    You need to go to a rehabilitation center, if anything. Religious belief just boils down to a priest telling you "Believe in Jesus and all of your problems will be solved!"

    A trained professional for helping people with drug problems will do a lot more than any kind of religious priest.

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  • 9 years ago

    It will take the power of God in your life. He saved me, not only from my sin, but from drugs as well. But believe me, it was a scary way to go; thankfully He kept me and took care of me. Christ Jesus is fully trustworthy.

    These sermons will help you.

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  • If you are 15, you should stay away from this place and talk to someone at your church. This is the wrong place to be asking advise.

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