error 999 on Yahoo Instant Messenger on Envy 3 mobile phone?

I have yahoo instant messenger downloaded on my Verizon phone - envy 3. when I try to send a message i get a error 999. Is there anything I can do or how do I remove instant messager from my phone and reinstall.. Will that help?

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  • 10 years ago
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    This is more of a question for your phone than it is for your messenger, because the messenger is loaded onto your phone and that makes it an Envoy problem.

    I'm only saying this because most of the people here can help you with messenger problems and not so much with phone problems. Go to the Envoy site and look for help there.

  • 4 years ago


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    4 years ago

    depending on what phone service you have. I have verizon and it's free on the phone but it costs me 10 cents to send a message because it takes intstant messages just like texts. so i'm thinking your is the same way where it will cost whatevera text message costs to send a message. If your asking if it's free to get it on your phone I wouldn't know becuase mine was already there so I didn't have to download it.

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