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first job interview tips?

i am 15 and have my first job interview tomorrow. any tips i already know the interviewer. what kind of questions should i expect.

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    1 decade ago
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    Without knowing what kind of job you're interviewing for it's kind of hard to help with specific suggestions, but a couple of general rules:

    Dress for one position above the one you're applying for, so if it's a sales or fast food job, I'd suggest a nice outfit that you feel comfortable in, not too much makeup, and no perfume. You don't want your appearance to cost you the job, so don't overdo it, just make yourself look professional and reliable.

    Make good eye contact, have a firm handshake, smile when appropriate, answer questions completely without rambling or going off topic, and don't put anything on the interviewer's desk without permission.

    Never say anything negative about anything at any time. If they ask you if you have any faults, and they might, have an answer ready, like, "I tend to expect my coworkers to care as much about their jobs, or customer service, as I do". Always make it sound like a positive. If they ask you why you left your last job, or why this is your first one, or why you want to work for this company, have an answer ready that shows your willingness to be part of the team and to do everything you can to help them achieve their goals. They will probably ask you if you have any questions for them at the end of the interview, and it's always preferable to have one ready, like, "when do you thing you'll be making a hiring decision? Can I call you then to check in with you? Where do you see this position going in the future?" Something that shows your interest in becoming part of the organization and how you can help them achieve their goals. Everything you say should emphasize your strong commitment to customer service, helping people, and being part of the team (tailor it to the type of business it is). Use any experience you have with church groups, summer camps, other jobs, even if they're informal types like babysitting or yard work, that show your willingness to work hard and your dedication.

    You're 15, not 45, so they probably aren't going to ask about your managerial philosophy or to describe a time you disagreed with your boss and how you resolved the problem. Research the organization so you know as much as you can about it's history, philosophy, and goals. Be yourself and try to relax, though you and and the interviewer both know it can be a stressful situation. Always be positive, do your best to show your commitment to the goals of the group, your willingness to learn, and your commitment to the goals of the organization.

    Source(s): I'm a little older than 15, and I've had a more than a few job interviews. I went through career transition last year and got most of these tips from professional career coaches and advisors. For sample interview questions, you can look at and for interviewing tips, but it may be more than you need and just worry you. Be yourself and do your best to relax. Good luck!
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    Be as knowledgable as you may with regard to the organization and the activity. Be arranged to play up your strengths and your activity skills; they of course knwo your historic past, and that they've stated as you in for an interview, so your adventure has inspired them in some way. are not getting hung up on the reality which you're entering a various variety of activity; only concentration on the abilities you have obtained--that's what they are interested in. additionally, have a itemizing of questions you may opt to ask; which will tutor you're involved interior the corporate.

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    Well when they asked me they asked why should i hire you? will you be on time are you respectfull if one of your coworkers haveing problems what would you do? do you do drugs? are your gardes good? good luck!!!!=)

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