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SSD OR SATA Drive for MacBook Pro?

I'm planning to get the new 15 inch MacBook Pro that just came out, but I'm trying to decide between the 750GB 5400 rpm SATA hard drive (the originally equipped one) and the 128GB SSD that requires the addition of $90 (student discount). Do you think it's worth sacrificing the 622GB and $90 (I'm not worried about the extra cost though) and get the SSD? I was thinking about getting 500GB 7200 rpm hard drive (no extra cost), but I thought it would only make more noise + heat without much significant boost in speed (Am I right?). Although I won't do so much of a "professional work" with the MacBook Pro, I do many movings between hard drives. I do have few external hard drives that would enough compensate the space lost from the SSD, but it would obviously be less comfortable than having the space in the laptop itself.

Anyway, could somebody help me decide between the hard drive options for MacBook Pro?

Would the 128GB SSD make quite a boost in speed, much less heat and sound?

OR would it be a bad idea and should I just get the huge 720GB 5400 rpm SATA Drive?

OR, would getting 7200 rpm hard drive actually make considerable change in speed and not that much additional heat + noise and be the best choice for me?

Thanks ahead.

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    The SSD will be 5-6 times faster than the conventional 5400 rpm drive, well worth it. Go external drive for more storage. If it was me I would buy the SATA 5400 model, buy a 120gb Vertex 2 235MB/sec OCZ SSD for $209 and swap it out, put the sata drive into a usb enclosure for $12 and plug it in for more storage! - $209 120gb SSD (very fast 235MB/sec Vertex 2 model) - $12 External enclosure for stock SATA drive.

    This is much cheaper than buying the laptop with the SSD. Then just use the DVD media to do a fresh install on the SSD.

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    With modern day purposes wanting extra i would enormously advise the extra RAM despite which tough-pressure you decide upon. The SSD force can be rapid and in view that it doesn't have relocating constituents it is relatively extra long lasting. It is also smaller. Because of this it will not take long before the rough-force is full, in particular should you down load music and video's. Commonplace-drive: common drives ought to take time to "in finding" the expertise and the bigger the pressure the extra time it is going to take to find whatever on the power. This is seeing that there's an "arm" inside of that has to move across a disc within the force. Greater drives have more "discs" and arms. It's on the grounds that of those relocating constituents that it takes longer to read and write knowledge. These types of drives also price much less to produce so they are able to make them in bigger sizes than SSD drives and still fee much less. SSD: SSD stands for strong state digital. There are no relocating ingredients and expertise can also be read and written close to instantly. Which means a computer can respond faster given that it would not have got to watch for expertise to be retrieved. The system for making these drives, nevertheless, implies that they're more steeply-priced and are by and large sold in smaller sizes given that of this cost. I suppose that the first-rate solution is to go with the SSD pressure, the upgraded RAM and in addition purchase a fine significant external power to retailer your whole different files on.

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