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Does anyone else feels that Pacquiao's victory over the awesome Jorge Solis is grossly overlooked?

Logically seeing it, wasn't Jorge according to so many boxing fans and boxing GURUS such as :Lennox Lewis, Emmanuel Steward, Oscar DLH, George Foreman, Max Kellerman, even Bob Arum if i am not mistaken, kind of tall (for the division) with such a boxing talent and with a great reach advantage for the division, a warrior with a great heart and undefeated at the time Manny faced him and KO'd him kinda brutally in the 8th? I remember back then so many people were saying that "Pacquiao's train would come to an end" when he would fight against the undefeated Mexican champion at the time? (If i am not mistaken George Foreman was or Emmanuel who were saying it's a bad match up for Manny?)

So now all of a sudden this fight is not even included when we talk Manny's quality of opposition? Kinda sad how short the memory of some people can be. What else fighter has stopped Solis or boxed his ears off in his 40 something fights so far? Only Pacquiao!!!!!!!!!!

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    Jorge was well regarded at the time and highly ranked then and for sometime after but he was never a world-beater, very good but his prime seem to pass quickly after the Pacquiao fight. The fight as I remember was not Pacquiao's best performance, he seemed lethargic and content to fight reactively for the most part, for this Solis looked good up until the time when Pacquiao started connecting with regularity and then Solis unraveled. Decent fight, a good showing for Solis for the most part but he never got any momentum off the fight and his name being in the spotlight, instead remaining inactive for the most part and fding into relative obscurity. As far as someone really beating him up I remember Monte Meza-Clay (I think that's his name) lay a beating on him a few years back on Friday Night Fights before being on the unfortunate end of a very questionable stoppage.

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    Jorge was still an upcoming featherweight when he fought WBC international junior lightweight champion and then three division champion Manny Pacquiao in 2007 losing by 8th round KO in the Philippines..

    Previous to the Pacquiao fight, he escaped a TKO loss to Humberto Soto in a fight that was declared a no-contest His wikipedia resume reads: "In September 2004, Solis fought future champion Humberto Soto (35-5-2) in a bout which resulted in a "no contest" decision. Solis was knocked to the canvas by Soto in the third round, but the fight was stopped later in the round after Solis suffered a cut due to an accidental clash of heads.[3] Humberto Soto, who was ahead on all scorecards, disputed the outcome claiming that the cut was the result of a punch and not a head clash.[4]"

    He even lost a fight versus Cristobal Cruz. On July 11, 2009, Solis challenged IBF featherweight champion Cristobal Cruz (38-11-1), whom Solis had previously defeated, but lost by unanimous decision. During the bout, Solis was deducted 4 points for intentional low blows while Cruz was deducted two points for headbutting. The final scores were 113-110, 113-110, and 113-111 in favor of Cruz.

    Fact is by the time of the Pacquiao fight, his brother Archie Solis was better known having been a reigning world flyweight champion.

    Hind sight they say is the clearest vision. But who could say for certain that at that time Jorge would win a share of the world title in the 130 lbs. class two years after? And it's no big deal, After JMM and the likes of Soto, Valero, Guerrero and Barrios left the division in 2008, it is now one of the weakest divisions in boxing. Solis won his title over one Likar Ramos ( ever heard of him ?). The division is so weak that according to the Ring Magazine, its best boxer is Mzonke Fana! ( who lost by KO to Marco Antonio Barrera in an earlier title try and almost lost to Filipino Randy Suico, winning only by hometown decision )

    "Awesome"(?)Jorge will have the chance to prove himself however when he defends his title against featherweight boss Yuri Gamboa this March 26

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    Not at all. I don't think Pacquiao's win over Solis is overlooked. Naturally, it was a monumental accomplishment. However, I just think that Pacquiao has accomplished so much more than anyone expected, since the Solis fight.

    Look how far he's come since then.

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