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am i allowed to say he isnt allowed to go to strip clubs?

is that something a girlfriend has a right to do? say no strip clubs and no private strippers? im fine with porn and obviously i know a guy will check out any hot girl that walks by, but strippers gross me out. i would be ok with it if he just watched them dance around, and there was no physical contact, but i know that there is a lot of times and it grosses me out!

i feel like a crappy gf, and all his single friends will think im controlling. i dont mind him watching, but paying girls to flirt with you and fondle you and blah its just so nasty to me. and i feel like any sexually arousing physical contact would be considered cheating, do you?

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    when your not single you shouldnt go to strippers no excuses.

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    are you allowed to say it - definitely, but my question to that would be... 'will he listen' ? Most guys I know would say ^&*$^ that and go anyways, but other men would respect that. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, then you should express that. Who cares what his friends think - they are probably single as well or are in a love-less relationship, or uncommonly in a relationship where they are comfortable with each other and the gf doesn't care that he would go, so he thinks the rest of us should be the same.

    I expressed my concern with my bf of 6 years about the same thing. Friends of ours went to Montreal for the soul purpose of strippers (we have none here), and I told him he could go but don't expect me to be ok with it and expressed the feelings after that. He never went :-)

    You can't -make him- not go, however a happy wife is a happy life ;)

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    I would be the same... What is the point in wasting all that money when he has a gf?!?! It's ok as a one off for a party or something, but it's not needed all the time. Talk to him and ignore his friends. The money wasted on such a pointless thing could go to something decent like a holiday.

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    Are you kidding me?

    Him being him should know that he has a girlfriend and shouldn't do that.

    I'm like the least controlling girlfriend, and I hate it when my boyfriend looks at porn...

    You definitely have the right to say that.

    Maybe if he promises not to go, you can promise him a little something that is better than what he would get there...?

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    Baby, he's gonna go whether you tell him to or not!

    Here's an idea, go to Victoria's Secret, get some sexy lingerie, and some sexy shoes, and one night surprise him with a strip tease yourself (put some music on and just dance). You guys should have alot of fun with it, and what a great way to show him you want to be the woman he "rains" singles on!

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    I've never heard of a strip club that allowed physical contact.

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    Porn, strippers? That's pretty much cheating!

    Source(s): That means he's not satisfied with you..
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