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why do people spend real money buying real estate in second life?

why waste real money on something fake

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    Well I guess you could say it's all about choices really.

    Many people buy land in Second Life to earn money, or to share something with others. I have several friends in Second Life who make a pretty good first life income selling things in Second Life. I also have several friends who have bought land in Second Life purely to share something with others - in this case, music. You could ask, 'River, why do you spend money on DJing software and an Internet stream to play music for people?' ... because that's what I do. I go to the land people have bought and I play music ... and people turn up there to listen to it. My love is world music and I get to share that with people from all over our planet. There is no way that I could do that anywhere else AND get instant feedback and discussion about it. There is no way that I could afford land in Second Life, but because others can (and do), I get to be a part of a wider, sharing experience.

    Some people like to have a little part of the SL world for themselves, so they buy a bit of Second Life land just for themselves and their close friends. I did that in the past before the worsening world economy made it a luxury I could no longer afford.

    There's one thing you probably are not aware of though. Many people who use Second Life have a disability or a serious illness, or they care for someone who is disabled. Their real lives are seriously limited. For some of these people, Second Life becomes the real life they can't have. I'll give you a couple of real examples. There is a woman I know who is severely disabled in real life. She is confined to a wheelchair and needs oxygen tanks and a machine to breathe properly. Her real life is totally nonexistent. Yet in Second Life, she walks, talks, dances and has many friends. Not only that, she has created a small empire of live music venues where real life musicians stream performances into her virtual nightclubs. To someone looking in, it might seem very fake, but to her, it's as close as she can ever expect to come to a real life. My second example was a girl who became my best friend in Second Life. She had breast cancer and she was so ill, she only ever left her home for doctor or hospital visits. Even if she could leave her home, she was frail and she'd lost all her hair from chemotherapy, so she hated going outside. In Second Life, she said she felt 'normal' - she could forget she was a victim to a horrible illness. In Second Life, she campaigned endlessly to help other cancer sufferers and worked with the SL cancer Charity 'Relay For Life' (the biggest online annual charity fundraiser in the world). Not content with that, she worked with another breast cancer fundraising group that she helped to found. She bought some land in Second Life so she had somewhere to plan her campaign work and to just have private time with close friends in SL. Sadly, she died of her cancer a little over 2 years ago, but Second Life was her first life in many respects.

    So, for many people, paying for something like virtual land isn't wasting money on something that's fake. Sure, there are some social misfits who come to SL and they buy land and immerse themselves in the virtual world as if it's better than real life. Wherever possible, your real life should always come first - your family and your real life friends have to be the most important things in your life. Every one of those people with a disability or some responsibility that denys them a rich and full real life would trade Second Life for the real thing, I'm sure, but for some people that's just not possible.

    And yes, I have a disability that limits my real life too, but I'm 53 now and I led a very full real life right up until it became difficult for me to continue to do so.

    ADDED: Downtide ... WOW! £4 for a half?! Do you live in Kensington or Chelsea? Sheesh - you need to move up north! You can buy a pint of Pedigree for less than three quid up here! I get annoyed if I'm charged £4 for a pint of Hoegaarden!

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    The money I spend in Second Life is part of my entertainment budget. My land costs me about £4 a month. That's less than the price of half a pint of beer a week. You could just as easily say why waste money on a cinema ticket. A movie is fake (fictional, intangible) and it's only about 3 hours entertainment. Why waste money on the latest computer games? They're fake too.

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    1-you only get paid when you are involved in a sale - you can go months in between paychecks 2-don't expect to make much money your first couple of years 3-you are basically self employed - no health insurance benefits, no paid vacation 4-no college degree is needed - just need to take a couple of real estate courses - which are frequently offered evenings 5-you have to be available all hours of day, night, weekend - as customers need you, but you usually spend very little time actually working and until you actually get involved in a sale, you are working for nothing and the real estate market is not supposed to improve much in the near future, so new, inexperienced agents will fare even worse than normal

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    haha i hope those clowns arent dumb enough to spend real money on fake real estate.

    and if they are, someone created the greatest scam ever w. that game

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    seems others understand this question.

    could you explain it? what is a 2nd life where one buys real estate?

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    They must be so fckn rich in their first life that they get bored and make a second life account. lol.. what a joke..

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    SL is not a game is a platform, just as Facebook or Blogs

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