Landlord invasion of privacy?

Recently I adopted 3 dogs. After 3 days of having the dogs, my landlord pops up over my house yelling at us (while we had company in the back yard) about not suppose to have dogs or it would be 400 for each dog. He then tells us that he came over to collect a late fee (I paid him 1650 in January for a house thats 550 but i paid couple days late). Its February but my fiance gave him $28 although I informed him that it was not due until March (me paying up means he had to take 28 out of march rent). He said he was going to check and make sure the dogs are gone and we tell him ok it is fine. He calls us a couple days later saying he needs to do an inspection of the house. I tell him that is fine and that he can randomly come at any time to inspect the house and make sure the dogs are gone, but after that one random inspection he must provide us with a 24 hour notice before popping up. (this was not the first time he popped up maybe like 3rd of fourth). He say ok well im giving you a 24 hour notice. He also said they will no if we have dogs because they will be riding by and they have a lady across from us watching us. I told him i no i cant stop him from riding and i no you will find out if we keep the dogs cause you always ride up and down the street and we always see you. He agree when about what I already knew he was doing (getting neighbor to watch and riding up and down the street even when we didnt have the dogs) Well he inspect the property for damage done by dogs i get him to sign a contract saying he did his check and to write rather he found damage. He does this and we tell him all the issues we are having with the house (which is also signed and in writting). Dogs have been gone and he inspected the house already. Today I see him ride up and down the street. Then a different neighbor (not the one he already got watching) comes and show us an index car my landlord left at his house today saying watch for dogs at _____(my address) and give him a call if he sees any. This I think he has gone completely to far with. Isnt this invasion of privacy and is there any legal things I can do. I do not feel comfortable staying here not knowing who he has watching my house, not knowing when he will ride by in his many vehicles it is annoying and really letting people to far in my business. You can clearly see behind my house because there is nothing blocking it and there is a loop where you can see one part of the back yard from one street, and the rest at that loop so it would be practically impossible to hide a dog yet alone 3 in this small house and small yard. Any comments, suggestions, and/or legal advice willl be appreciated.


I did not no it was in my lease. He went over the lease and did not mention this part and I no it was my job to read it for myself but unfortunately I did not, I loved my dogs and my son got use to them but I knew since it was on my lease I had to get rid of them (or pay 1200 that I do not have). I no he want to make sure they were gone that is why I gave him permission to randomly pop up and inspect the inside and outside of the premises. I was dealing with him just riding by anytime he wanted and him telling the neighbor to watch us since day one, but I think going around the neighborhood telling people to watch my house is a little too much. I live in NC and I think I have been resonable with him when I got rid of the dogs, when I allowed him to inspect and when I decide I would just live with him spying and a neighbor spying until my lease ends but I do not think he had to take it to this point its not fair and its like I have no privacy. I mean this house is small when I have my d

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    The only place you have an absolute right to privacy is inside your house and if they do not violate that they are not doing anything illegal, it sounds like for your piece of mind you would do well to move as soon as possible.}{

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      I disagree that this was chosen as a best answer now being the victim of this choice! I have no money to move and this answer has empowered the sick freaks abusing the hell out of me EVERY day! AND I just moved away from this exact type of crap! moving is not always good enough-Kalamazoo, MI.

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    Check your state and local laws. In my state even with tenant permission a landlord is not legally able to enter the property without 12-24 (depends on city) hours notice to enter. Is it in your lease that you are unable to have pets/dogs/a certain number? If it is then he has a right to ask that you correct the issue or leave. Once the issue is corrected and the landlord has confirmed, dropping by announced should be illegal in your state.

    You could go after him for harassment, putting your address up publicly and dropping by unannounced as the landlord are both harassing actions.

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    Of course it is not an invasion of your privacy for the homeowner to ask neighbors to keep an eye on the property.

    You created a situation in which the landlord believes he cannot trust you to properly take care of this property. (One unauthorized dog is bad enough, but THREE. Good gravy, that's just over the top.) The landlord doesn't have to trust you. And the landlord has the absolute right to tell anyone he likes about what is going on with you. I'm sorry but there is no landlord/tenant privacy.

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      And if they LIE? or are entertaining others LIEs? or the abuse has caused you to not be able to fulfill good intentions? then what? what is really happening here? an attack on the poor? some who are "broke" are broke for a good reason and others who are not are displaced, injustice? YESSSssssss.

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    once you call for a restore, you in actuality void your good to word to have the restore executed. You asked somebody to come again over; evaluate that your word. Why interior the worldwide could you sue her? regardless of if the maintenance guy had entered wrongly, you nonetheless would not have suffered any losses, meaning you won't have a leg to stand on. by ability of how, in the adventure that your lease is silent approximately word, it defaults to state regulation. purely 22 of the states call for any word settle for in any respect. opportunities are high, you additionally can stay in a state that would not require any word to settle for for any reason. for that reason, although, you have no longer have been given a important to word once you're inquiring for a restore.

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