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I have 7 abec skateboard bearings but they run as slow as like 3 abec why is that?

I have kept them in good condition.

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    ABEC means nothing in skateboarding... its a marketing ploy.

    Abec stands for Annular Bearing Engineering Committee

    It was a conference years ago set up to determine standards of precision of how well the ball is ground... but basically other things come into play - what lubrication you use, how tight/loose/well designed the race is...

    If you want fast bearings, you need to buy fast bearings.

    Go with Bones swiss if you want the best.

    Source(s): skater for 20+ years
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  • 9 years ago

    well if they are new, then you should keep skating and they will become faster. If that's not the case, then what i usually do is take the bearings out of the wheels and spray wd-40 and leave them to soak for a few hours, then spin them with your fingers and make sure they roll pretty smoothly because slow bearings wont spin because they have too much dirt inside

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