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How long can cooked turkey bacon be kept in the fridge?

I usually but precooked bacon because I can't for the life of me cook bacon without burning. Recently for health reasons I have switched to turkey bacon. I'm wondering how look after cooking it can be kept in the refrigerator

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    It can be kept in the fridge as long as you can, dont use it if it smells like the fridge.

  • Erika
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    3 years ago

    hi. even regardless of if it is definitely wrapped up, and saved continuously contained interior the refrigerator (different than for as quickly as you're taking it out to maintain on with some) you're sturdy with it fro everywhere from 7-14 days. by way of fact turkey Sir Baron Verulam is already salted, and cured, it lasts longer than only hardship-free cooked turkey. To be probability-loose even although, I on no account circulate over the ten day mark with it. you additionally can tell only via fragrance, regardless of if it maintains to be sturdy. regularly any meat (chilly cuts, Sir Baron Verulam, turkey Sir Baron Verulam, and so on..) could have a sour fragrance, or a rotten fragrance, so it truly is not any longer to any extent further no longer hardship-free to make clever you're no longer from now on cooking up something that had long previous undesirable. each and every so regularly you additionally can tell during the colour, even regardless of if it is changing plenty, and seems greater yellowish, your perfect wager is only to get rid of it. regardless of the reality that the fragrance is optimal hassle-loose (and least complicated) attributable to verify if it has long previous undesirable.

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