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Experiences of Lanzarote?

Im going to Lanzarote in May, would anybody be able to tell me what to expect and how much money to bring? Im going for a week, I dont plan on drinking to get drunk everyday but would like a casual drink most of the days

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    A lot depends on where you're going. I would guess one of the resorts:

    Puerto del Carmen is a young person's place in the town centre, with plenty of bars and nightclubs.

    Costa Teguise is more a family resort

    Playa Blanca is more upmarket with large villas with private pools

    Drinks will seem cheap to you here - we're duty free, especially if you travel out of resort. In our local village you can get a large beer for €1.50.

    The island is beautiful - big, sandy beaches, perfect weather and warm ocean. See the site in the source below (my wife's) for loads of information about Lanzarote.

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