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Has anyone heard of the Chanel/Louis Vuitton employment scam?

I'm not sure if it's a scam, I'm pretty sure it is... A while back I sent me CV via gumtree for a position at Louis Vuitton, a few days later I received an offer of employment via email in the United Kingdom, a contract for 5 years, and for 5000 Pounds which is apparently a lot of money....The address on this document is exactly where Louis Vuitton is based. Today I received one from Chanel which I have not applied for and the Chanel contract Is "signed" by the actual Chanel CEO, Alain Wertheimer . They then say that I should forward the contract of employment to UK immigration services who will assist me with UK entry clearance, working visa etc. They say my flights will be paid by the company and accommodation is offered in the staff quarters. Has anyone else heard of this?

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    100% SCAM

    This is NOT how either of these companies work. Neither of them would advertise for staff on Gumtree - LVMH recruits only through their own corporate website

    and Chanel only recruits through reputabl luxury industry recruitment agencies

    Both have a VERY long and intensive interview process and NEVER hire anyone over the intenet. I've interviewed with LVMH (the company that owns Louis Vuitton) - I had 4 interviews at their office and didn't get the job in the end, and I know people at Chanel who also went through a similar process. If you did not have several face to face interviews at the Chanel office in your country or in the UK the job does not exist. NO company can sponsor anyone without proof they have actually MET you

    There is NO such thing as UK Immigration Services and I can guarantee that neither brand offer any sort of staff quarters. The ONLY way to get a visa to work in the UK is to apply IN PERSON at the British Embassy in your country. This cannot be done by email or by anyone else on your behalf as you are required to be fingerprinted, photographed and interviewed at the embassy before you can turn in your application and passport

    This is a scam using these companies names

    Besides Alan Wertheimer is no longer CEO of Chanel. He remains a co-owner but Maureen Chiquet is the CEO. But the CEO would never be involved in hiring low level employees - you would be dealing with the country HR Manager

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