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dave asked in HealthAlternative Medicine · 9 years ago

Does alternative medicine cure cancer?

I was intrigued to read on here that in reply to a question asking about what medical advances had been made in alternative medicine, it was claimed that ".....we're getting rid of cancers, healing bodies that are supposedly 'terminal' all over the place..." http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Au...

I can't immediately think of any instances where alternative medicine is used to get "rid of cancers". I also can't think of any instances where alternative medicine is used to cure terminal illnesses (would they then in fact not actually be terminal illnesses? I digress.....)

So, does anyone have any examples where alternative medicine performs as claimed? Or is it a wicked and cruel lie perpetuated by exploitative scammers to leach the dying? Or is there any other explanation I'm unaware of?


ErzebetB: You think cancer is caused by someone struggling to get over being bullied when they were 9? No one is going to top that for Most Insane Answer attempt.

Update 2:

Nosey: Have you any examples where alternative medicine is used to cure cancers? No? Why is that?

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  • lo_mcg
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    9 years ago
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    When someone claims that 'alternative medicine' cures/heals/gets rid of cancer one of two things is happening.

    It is either

    1) as you suggest, a lie - wherever there's cancer there's a ruthless charlatan eager to exploit the desperation of vulnerable people by taking their money in exchange for an ineffective and sometimes dangerous 'cure'. On an internet forum they may not be seeking directly to line their own pockets - though they would if they could - but they are seeking to promote their own area of quackery, and line the pockets of other practitioners of it.

    Take for example the practicing homeopaths who make just that claim on this forum - they repeatedly claim that homeopathy can cure and has cured cancer. I have not one scrap of doubt that such people know they are lying (even most homeopaths make no such claims for homeopathy); they are willing and eager to part the sick, the desperate and the dying from their cash for something they KNOW is ineffective. As you know, they ignore all challenges to provide any evidence.

    Wicked and cruel, as you say.


    2) The sincere but deluded ramblings of a well-meaning but ill informed and gullible person. Usually they have read about some wacky alternative on the net and swallowed the unsubstantiated testimonials whole. Or they just have a warm, fuzzy feeling that 'alternative' or 'natural' is better, and vaguely remember seeing someone on Oprah or the like claiming to have cured their cancer by 'alternative' means (they overlook the fact that even Oprah's questioning reveals that the person also underwent conventional treatment).

    As I said, they mean well, but they know nothing about cancer. They so want to believe that they overlook the fact that 'alternative' in this context just means 'unproven'. If the treatment they advocate had been tested and proven to work, it would no longer be 'alternative medicine', it would just be 'medicine'.

    My first reaction to the answer you cite was that the answerer fell into the second category - fuzzy, well-meaning, naive.

    However a glance at other answers shows she is some kind of practitioner - she has 'clients' and promotes homeopathy. If not for the cancer and terminal illnesses claim, I'd still go for option 2), but that claim puts the answer firmly in category 1).


    Edit: Nosey, when you bring Suzanne Somers into an argument about cancer, you've pretty much lost.

    Somers was treated with surgery and radiotherapy for a very early stage breast cancer.

    She now claims to have 'cured' her own breast cancer with alternative treatments, and makes a mint selling vitamins and supplements which she claims will prevent and treat cancer.

    She makes a big noise about having refused chemo; but for a stage one, very small, er+ tumour treated with minimal surgery and 'belt and braces' radiotherapy, chemotherapy is very unlikely to have been recommended or offered. So her honesty must be called into question. The woman's making a fortune from exploiting people's fears and the desperation of vulnerable people; she had an early stage and therefore easily treated cancer, and used conventional methods to put it in remission and then lied about it; she's a charlatan and she's almost certainly putting lives in danger.

    And all the vitamin pills and 'immune system boosting' stuff she's grown rich on didn't stop her from getting a serious case of disseminated coccidioidomycosis - her fantastic immune system allowed her to get a severe infection from a fungus that apparently almost killed her.

    As for the 'misdiagnosis' of that condition - She has done so little research on the things she peddles to other people that she was unaware that some preparations she sells and takes contain steroids, and so delayed her treatment and was temporarily misdiagnosed because her doctors didn't know she was taking steroids.

    In her book, she recounts the conversation with the doctor who said 'You should have told us you were taking steroids', and she still denies she was or ever would take steroids.

    In fact she was (and presumably still is) taking cortisol as part of her 'bioidentical hormone cocktail; clearly she doesn't know that all oestrogens she is taking are steroid hormones, or that cortisol is a corticosteroid.

    And of course this queen of all things natural fills her face with botox and the like.

    Hypocritical little weasel; a fine source of information about cancer, I must say

    Source(s): 7 year survivor of stage 3 grade 3 cancer; had surgery, chemo and radiotherapy. Investigated alternatives first - even tried one - but had to conclude after all my research that 'alternative medicine' had never been proven to successfully treat a single case of cancer anywhere, ever. In complete remission.
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    I like the people here who are deluded enough to claim that random foods and spices cure cancer. If that was the case wouldn't cultures that eat large amounts of those things have lower cancer rates? Take Tumeric, for example. It's a main spice in Indian curry and apparently helps cancer. If so it must be a completely minuscule amount of help because Indian people seem to have no advantage in cancer rates compared to countries that don't eat a lot of tumeric.

    If you want to know about cancer and alt med just look up Hulda Clark.

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    Does alternative medicine cure cancer?

    I was intrigued to read on here that in reply to a question asking about what medical advances had been made in alternative medicine, it was claimed that ".....we're getting rid of cancers, healing bodies that are supposedly 'terminal' all over the place..."...

    Source(s): alternative medicine cure cancer: https://tinyurl.im/HMKek
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  • Tink
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    9 years ago

    Cancer is still kicking *** and taking people out everyday. It's funny how we can go after a company for misleadig advertising so much more easily than a shyster who claims to cure cancer....

    Lo_mcg has your answer; very well written.

    Thank you.

  • 9 years ago

    I dont think anyone anywhere has a "cure" for cancer but I'll assume you are talking about cancer treatment.

    I guess the answer depends on what you consider "alternative medicine". There are plenty of non-conventional treatments for cancer. And of course "non-conventional" varies depending where you are in the world. Much of what is considered conventional therapy in Europe is labelled "alternative" in North America.

    Intravenous ascorbic acid has a long history of use in cancer treatment. More studies are obviously needed, but there is plenty of good medical reasoning for how it works. A couple case studies can be found here http://www.cmaj.ca/cgi/content/full/174/7/937

    Mistletoe therapy is another. Used widely in Europe and is the source of at least 2 chemotherapeutic drugs used in north america.This summary by the NIH will give you a nice starting point if you decide to look a little further http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/pdq/cam/mistlet...

    Tumeric is another promising substance. There are literally hundreds of journal articles researching the anti-tumour properties of curcumin.

    There is plenty of information out there and tons of promising substances that can be helpful in cancer treatment if you are willing to step outside of the box and go looking for it. Lots more research is needed, and it would be great to see some funding get put towards studying some of these things. As the evidence accumulates, eventually you have to start thinking about dropping the "alternative" tag to these medicines.

    Source(s): Naturopathic Doctor U.S. National Institutes of Health Canadian Medical Association Journal Pubmed.
  • 9 years ago

    No it does not. The cure for cancer hasn't been sound yet.

  • Marc
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    9 years ago

    No. There is no "cure" for cancer either in altmed or mainstream med. Anyone who claims to be able to cure it outright is lying.

  • 9 years ago

    There are many natural cures for cancer. For instance, turmeric (a herb used in curries) begins to kill cancer cells within 24 hours of ingestion., and this fact by the way, is endorsed by the medical profession.

    I live in Sri Lanka, and there are relatively few cases of cancer here.

    Also, Aerobic Oxygen. Cancer cannot possibly survive where there is good quality oxygen.

    Noni juice is also another marvellous product, and is capable of eliminating cancer.

    Chlorella is also anti-cancer., as is parsley, because of it's high vitamin C and iron content.

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