What's The Closest Place To Ferndale, MI You Recommend Getting Piano Classes?

Hey there, My son want's to start taking piano classes, he's 16 years old, and i was just wondering, aside from his local school, are there any areas around here where he could learn lessons? Google wasn't very helpful, Lol.

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  • Emily
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    1 decade ago
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    The Michigan Music Teachers' Association website has a list of members that specialize in piano (it is a little out of date, so I would search your zip code and a few surrounding ones - I joined last year and am not on the site yet): http://www.michiganmusicteachers.org/findTeacher.p... I live in the area and teach piano, and would not recommend any of the local schools.

    As a 16 year old, he should take from someone who is used to working with Adult Beginners - it really is a different type of teaching than working with an elementary school student. Interview a few teachers, and have them show you examples of their teaching materials. They should be able to explain their teaching philosophy, have a plan for the first several lessons, and have a few pieces picked out. At his age, they should not be bringing you a lesson book - it will be much better for him to learn to read music and develop technique through actual pieces, scales, and some Music Theory. Plan on purchasing a few books - one for scales, one for warm up exercises, and at least two collections of pieces.

  • petr b
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    1 decade ago

    Your state abounds in many an ex student of music, via the National Arts Camp and Arts Academy (Interlochen) or the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Certainly, some have settled,the women perhaps married, and still either teach or perform locally once in a while.

    Having looked at a Google map, I did not see how far Detroit actually was. But you are apparently in that sub-urban / semi rural kind of situation where travel, for just about anything, is automatic.

    I would first look at Craigslist, logging in for the nearest town it has in its headings, then look under music / teachers. If nothing shows up which is interesting or negotiable, then place an ad in 'Seeking.' be explicit, and do not be at all embarrassed to ask for some sort of resume or credentials.

    In your geographic situation, I assume it is a given all to and from will involve a trip by car. Your son will have to go to the teacher. I would feel more confident if the teacher did Not make house calls, actually. Going to the lessons is also a better framework for the student. They have an official appointment, and this is best done away from the home environment anyway - no thoughts of being listened to, no family members, home ambient noises, etc.

    Add:if you insist on piano class (I abhor them) I suggest looking for the nearest junior college. You needn't any diplomas or credentials to take on class piano course there. I do heartily recommend private instruction from the word go.

    Best regards.

    P.s. Sorry to controvert, but no scale chart, instead a blank notebook where the student learns to construct the scales and writes them out (the student will need a blank music manuscript notebook anyway.). No collections with any simplified versions of anything.

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