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Andrew asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 1 decade ago

What is the song in the movie The Guardian when Ashton Kutcher goes back to the school to get his girlfriend?

The dedication to the Coast Guard comes up, right before the song Never Let Go.

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    1 decade ago
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    Soundtracks for

    The Guardian

    # "Saturday Night"

    Written by Willy Abers, Raul Pacheco, Justin Poree, Asdrubal Sierra (as Asdru Sierra),

    Jiro Yamaguchi, Ulises Bella and J. Smith-Freedman

    Performed by Ozomatli

    Courtesy of Concord Music Group, Inc.

    # "Club Foot"

    Written by Sergio Pizzorno and Christopher Karloff

    Performed by Kasabian

    Courtesy of Sony BMG Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd. and the RCA Records Label

    By Arrangement with Sony BMG Entertainment

    # "The Mockingbird"

    Traditional as Arranged by Lisa Lavie, Ben Margulies and Will Champlin

    Performed by Lisa Lavie

    Courtesy of Boundary Entertainemnt

    # "Seven Year Itch"

    Written and Performed by Abby Ahmad

    Courtesy of Little Whisper Records

    # "Once Again"

    Written and Performed by Richard Davis and Neil Artwick

    # "Hold On I'm Comin'"

    Written by Isaac Hayes and David Porter

    Performed by Bonnie Bramlett and Chicago Catz

    # "So Lovely"

    Written by Richard Davis, Neil Artwick and Colby Beserra

    Performed by Colby Beserra

    # "Hold Tight"

    Written by Richard Davis, Chris 'Hambone' Cameron and Tad Robinson

    Performed by Tad Robinson

    # "Something to Talk About"

    Written by Shirley Eikhard

    Performed by SHeDAISY

    Courtesy of Lyric Sheet Records, Inc.

    # "Love and Happiness"

    Written by Al Green and Mabon Hodges

    Performed by Bonnie Bramlett and Chicago Catz

    # "Run Me in the Dirt"

    Music by Craig Miller

    Lyrics by Craig Miller and Joseph 'Butch' Flythe

    # "Ain't No Easy Way"

    Written by Peter Hayes and Robert Turner (as Robert Been)

    Performed by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

    Courtesy of The Echo Label and RCA Music Group, a unit of Sony BMG Music Entertainment

    # "No More You"

    Written by Tony Brown, Richard Davis, Mark Ohlsen, Kevin Smith and Wendall Wayne Stewart (as Wayne Stewart)

    Performed by Chicago Catz

    # "Tri-Me"

    Written and Performed by Abby Ahmad

    Courtesy of Little Whisper Records

    # "New Day"

    Written by Nick Woolfson, Elliot Morgan Jones and Aine Belton

    Performed by Sounds From The Ground

    Courtesy of Nettwerk Productions

    # "Shake Up the World"

    Written by Stevie Butler, Richard Davis and Chris 'Hambone' Cameron

    Performed by Stevie Butler (as Stevie "Funkworm" Butler) featuring Howard Johnson (as Gravity)

    # "Home To Houston"

    Written and Performed by Steve Earle

    Courtesy of Artemis Records

    # "Jazzy Piano"

    Written and Performed by Neil Artwick

    # "Friday Night"

    Written by Richard Davis, Chris 'Hambone' Cameron, Cheryl Wilson and John Rice

    Performed by Cheryl Wilson

    # "Never Let Go"

    Written by Bryan Adams, Eliot Kennedy and Trevor Rabin

    Orchestral arrangement by Trevor Rabin and Jennifer Hammond

    Produced by Bryan Adams and Trevor Rabin

    Performed by Bryan Adams

    Courtesy of Polydor Limited

    # "Run Me in the Dirt (Throwdown)"

    Music by Craig Miller, Mickey Petralia and Michael Fitzpatrick

    Lyrics by Craig Miller and Joseph 'Butch' Flythe and Marty James

    Produced by Mickey Petralia and Michael Fitzpatrick

    Performed by Marty James & Joseph 'Butch' Flythe

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    ugh. god how i hate that jerk. he came to my hometown to film the water scenes at our base and christ he was a stuck up douche. his exact words "um do you know who i am? i don't need I.D."

    anyways, (sorry. i tell that to everyone that mentions him)

    go to & type in the guardian soundtrack and they will have a 30 second preview of each song in the movie. you can just sample each until you find your song.

    Source(s): screw ashton!
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