My boyfriend is a foreign exchange student?

I am 14 and I've been dating the sweetest and most wonderful boyfriend i've ever had for 5 months now. He is 16 years old and I fell in love with him immediately. Problem is he's a foreign exchange student from Denmark and will be going back in May. I will be so upset and i dont know what to do when he leaves. I know he loves me back but he won't stay in America. Can I do or say anything to make him stay? I want him to be with his family but I cant let him leave. Please help!

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    9 years ago
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    Unfortunately, your boyfriend's visa requires him to return home to Denmark. If he were to stay, he would be breaking the law.

    If you two are serious about each other, you will have to be patient, but you have some options. He could apply to college in the U.S., particularly one near you, and come back in 1-2 years. Alternately, you could look into an exchange year to Denmark, but you wouldn't be able to guarantee you'd be in the same town as him. I also think studying abroad for another person is the one reason to study abroad -- you should do it for yourself. His returning to the U.S. for college is your best bet BUT bear in mind at that point he would be over the age of 18, and being in a relationship with you would be illegal in most states.

    But honestly, I'll give you the really jaded grown-up opinion: he will go home, and you will get over it. You are only 14, and have many loves and life ahead of you. It's not uncommon for students to fall for exchange students -- they're foreign, exciting, often more sophisticated than American boys/girls -- but things rarely last. It's the sad part of them being temporary visitors. You may feel differently about the situation in six months, or a year. If your feelings don't change, you can communicate with this boy when he's back in Denmark, and you can go from there.

    Everything will be ok, I promise. Just enjoy the time you have with him now, and don't mourn his leaving for too long. You're young! Things will look and feel different in a few years, I promise.

    Source(s): Was an exchange student, worked with exchange students. Was once a 14-year-old girl :)
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    3 years ago

    I do not feel he'd be speakme to her in your laptop if he rather desired to cover it. Maybe he received fearful and within the spur of the second minimized it. Casually speak it out with him. Trust him and supply him the improvement of the doubt. Let him recognise that it is k for him to be secure round you and that he does not must conceal informal friendships with different men and women. Don't say "hello I feel that lady likes you." You wish to supply him the influence that you simply feel of them as peers. Don't exhibit jealousy or he will quit trusting you and begin hiding extra. Guys on no account wish their girlfriends to suspect them over some thing that is now not happening. And plus if she's a forex pupil, she will have to be going again quickly.

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