What do you think of these?

I'm trying to start our name list. So would you mind rating my names and making some suggestions? Our last name is Kilby (KIL-be), Thanks.

Kyler Logan

Grayson Abel

Grayson Elliot

Jayce Cooper

Griffin Levik

Griffin Lachlan

Gavin Joseph

Talon Joseph

Morgan Jacquelyn

Delaney Ryan

Farrah Piper

Farrah Danielle

Harper *can't think of a middle name*

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    10 years ago
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    Kyler Logan: Kyler is an ugly collision between Kyle and Tyler. I like Logan, though. What about Logan Tyler?

    Grayson Abel: Grayson is totally unattractive to me...it sounds so old and dull and gray-haired. I love Abel, though! What about Gareth Abel or Abel Grant?

    Grayson Elliot: For Grayson, see above. Again, though, I love Elliot! What about Elliot Abel?

    Jayce Cooper: Jayce sounds like a cutesy/informal nickname for Jason...I love Jason but hate Jayce/Jace as a full name. Cooper is too trendy/last-namy and has always sounded dull and blunt and unattractive to me. What about Jason Connor?

    Griffin Levik: Griffin isn't my style, but better than most of the other first names on this list. Levik sounds weird and science-fictiony to me...it would be OK if it's a family name, but I wouldn't use it otherwise. What about Griffin Levi?

    Griffin Lachlan: A bit awkward because the endings sound the same, but I absolutely adore the name Lachlan! What about Lachlan Elliot or Lachlan Joseph?

    Gavin Joseph: This is the only name here that I totally, totally love...Gavin sounds so charming and British, and Joseph is a timeless classic that goes perfectly with it.

    Talon Joseph: Talon is like Fang or Claw to me...it's nastily violent and just not a name. I love Joseph, though! What about Alan Joseph or Tristan Joseph?

    Morgan Jacquelyn: Morgan is nice, though I like it best as a middle name. I also like the sound of Jacquelyn, just not that spelling...I prefer the traditional spelling, Jacqueline. Jacqueline Morgan would be wonderful.

    Delaney Ryan: I don't like this...Delaney is a last name that sounds trendily cutesy as a first name, and Ryan is a total, total boy's name. What about Delia Rhiannon?

    Farrah Piper: Don't like at all...Farrah is all Fawcett to me and Piper just sounds unpleasant...I think of smoking pipes, plumbing pipes, annoying people piping up when you don't want to hear them...

    Farrah Danielle: Don't like Farrah, but love Danielle! What about Sarah Danielle, Tara Danielle, or Fiona Danielle?

    Harper: Hate...it's so, so trendy and just doesn't sound remotely feminine or pretty to me. I think of someone who's constantly harping on things...Harper and Piper would make the perfect obnoxious pair.

  • 10 years ago

    Kyler Logan ~ 2/10, Kyler is just trendy..

    Grayson Abel ~ 2/10

    Grayson Elliot ~ 4/10

    Jayce Cooper ~ 1/10

    Griffin Levik ~ 2/10

    Griffin Lachlan ~ 3/10

    Gavin Joseph ~ 3/10

    Talon Joseph ~ 1/10

    Morgan Jacquelyn ~ 3/10

    Delaney Ryan ~ 1/10

    Farrah Piper ~ 1/10

    Farrah Danielle ~ 1/10

    Harper ~ 1/10

    Most of these names are horribly tryndee and won't age well. 99% of your girls list is masculine or a surname.

  • 10 years ago

    some suggestions


    Kayleigh Evelynn

    Mckenna Hope

    Ashlynn Nicole

    Melanie Hope

    Isabella Paige

    Alessandra Rose

    Kristen Lee


    Liam Micheal

    Kevin Lee

    Colton Braden

    Jesse Ryan

    James Allan

    Grayson Taylor

    Kyler Lee

  • 4 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    i am absolutely IN LOVE with farrah! just not Danielle...I like Farrah Marie, Farrah Lucille, Farrah Michelle/Michele, Farrah Isabel, Farrah Catherine, Farrah Renee, Farrah Laurent.

    Best of luck!

  • 10 years ago

    My favorite name from your list is Gavin Joseph >

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I like Grayson Elliot!!!! super cute!

    Source(s): thanks for answering mine!
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