How can movie companies make Blu-ray versions of movies made years and years ago?

One thing that always piques my interest when discussing blu-ray is the fact that blu-ray copies are being made of films released long ago. For example Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon, The Godfather, Dirty Harry and soon to be the Star Wars trilogy. I thought in order for something to be a true blu-ray it had to be shot in 1080p. Am I wrong? probably. I mean they didn't have HD cameras in the 70's right?....that was a joke... Anyway, Im just curious how this is possible and if these releases are really in true blu-ray quality.

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    Most movies are not shot with HD cams, the 35mm film is scanned and converted to 1080p.

    Blue-ray HD, doesn't mean that it was shot with a HD cam (although it can be done), it means that the movie disc was burned in a format to be shown in a HDTVs, even if the original movie was shot in 35mm film.

    So to make a Blu-ray from "Dirty Harry" they take the master film, digitalized it, color correct & enhance it, and then it's burned it into a 1080p Blue-ray disc.

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    They restore the movies

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