Leo and Scorpio..are these two people compatible?

Just curious if these two are compatible..If so, could it last? The male is Scorpio..Female is Leo. They are polar opposites-She is a high extrovert and he is really shy, but he announced today he is head over heels in love with her and she is the one.. Yesterday he told me she was really annoying him, was draining all his energy and ready to show her the door..So something changed in a day. She does try to control him and is always in his face talking away..She beautiful though and he is very handsome..They've been dating two months and she is his sister's best friend. She set them up btw. I do worry about this union because she has a strong controlling personality and he tends to hold things in until he explodes..serious answers please.. Here's their stats:


Scorpio Sun

Leo Moon

Libra Mercury

Virgo Venus

Pisces Mars

Virgo Jupiter

Sag Rising


Leo Sun

Cancer Moon

Leo Mercury

Cancer Venus

Leo Mars

Sagitarius Jupiter

Libra Rising


Yeah..This Leo girl exhausts me whenever she is around..I can't imagine what it would be like to be with her 24-7 like my friend. She is a hyper extrovert..OMG you should see her at basketball games. She will yell, clap, shake her booty right in my Scorpio friend's face..then throw herself on his lap.. She'll yell and beg cameras to put her on the jumbo screen. My Scorpio friend just sits there with his hands covering his face..

Update 2:

This Scorpio guy is one of my best friends so I worry about him because he is so shy. He will stick up for his family but I have never seen him stand up for her. She just does what she wants and he sits their looking embarrassed. She loves the attention from others but if he even looks at another woman she goes crazy.. She glares at me when I'm around..but I'm a Scorpio woman..so I stare her down good..lol..Yet his sister is supportive of this relationship since she is her best friend..so I think that is where he is torn because he and his sister are really close.

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  • 9 years ago
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    ima pisces and my best friend is a leo. id say pisces and scorpios are so close when it comes to thier personality traits. so i can relate to your friend. OHMYGOOOOD! yessss they tend to drain teh life out of you. i lpove her to pieces. but they HAVE to have attention. they love talking but are great people. they have to have the limelight and when in a relationship, have to be worshiped. a scorpio and a leo are a horrible match. i know this cuz my overy close friend and my dad are scoprio's. pisceas and leos are on the smae boat as well. the leo loves the attention a scorpio will give but scorpios do NOT have patients.

  • 9 years ago

    We're hyper and fun...Scorpio has a lot of judgmental problems, but on an emotional side...They can understand one another. Some Leo's can be cool...Once Scorpio comes out his shell...He can be fun. Once again trust is a factor and caring what people say. Leo's don't care...We're strong minded and will strong...We stand up for what we believe in! Some Leo's will be over protective and Scorpio's are like that too...Leo's can be calm, but sometimes when we get like that, we need attention and Scorpio lacks that sometimes. Once again, Scorpio needs time to himself...Leo, will do something artistic and fun to keep herself entertained. Whenever my friend needs time to himself, he will let me know. If I see he's in a mute mode, I will go quiet; Until he speaks. The only way to keep a Scorpio alive is through communication. Leo can be calm...We like to be praised. We're never dull and like fun.

  • Sandra
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    4 years ago

    Yes, i know it can. My best friend of fourteen years is a Cancer, and i am a Leo. The only problem that usually occurs is when She becomes moody then i withdraw and seem selfish and he more Cancer clings, the worse Leo becomes. I know Cancer is more sensitive than they appear and they need to know if Leo is being faithful in friendship and love but if they don't trust me then i really lose respect for them because i personally hate to be doubted as i see myself as a very loyal person. Cancer provides Leo emotional security and knowing that she is my best friend is really good, i know i can count on her to support me emotionally, and i'm the person that always makes her laugh and cheer up when she's down. Together we're just brilliant, we have our fallouts 'alot' but when we look to different people for what we shared it never works, so we always end up back with eachother.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Yes and No. Probabilty is very low on working out. im a scorp sag cusp, and i have a very sagittarius personality, but u know leos do drain you, if u let them. On the other hand i draiin her too, because im playful and people like my persinality even thou im not trying. but be a scorpio man, and pick little fights with her, Leo women dont like guys who let them do what they want. They like a guy who does stand up to them, and dosent praise them like all there friends. Just dont hold back on her, and pick those small fights

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