what do you do if your being scammed?

I did some work for three guys from yahoo messenger. I posted some ads for them on craigslist and they owe me money, but they wont pay it. What should i do? i really need this money and im lost. The only info i have about them is their yahoo messenger accounts and yahoo email. can i track them? please help

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Doubtful you will be able to find those scammers, sorry.

    You need to take down the ads you posted, immediately.

    Since those 3 guys intended to have you do their "dirty work" for them, they did NOT register the yahoo email addresses or messenger accounts with their real life names.

    Then you need to head over to a scam-warner type website and post up the names those scammers used, email addresses and messenger IDs.

    You have unknowingly participated in a scam, you were posting ads for a "work at home" job for an administrative assistant, payment processor or clerk type job weren't you?

    Those scammers will never pay you and you need to start distancing and protecting yourself from this scam and those scammers before craigslist, other victims and law enforcement come looking for you.

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    You will never get paid, and you have to watch out as if any of the ads you posted were for fraudulent job offers, fake cars for sale, fake apartments for rent, etc YOU can actually go to prison for this. Nobody except a criminal is going to ask you to placed ads for them

    And by using Yahoo messenger you probably can't even trace their IP address to find out where they are even located. They didn't give you a real name. And I am willing to bet they are based overseas where US law enforcement has NO jurisdiction

    As the other poster says, remove those ads from Craiglist before they get reported for abuse and you are investigated

  • Janez
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    1 decade ago

    Stop all contact with them. Do not post anymore ads on craigslist. They are more likely than not scammers having you post fake ads. Report them to yahoo.

    EDIT: Remove all of the ads you have placed on craigslist for them. You could be black listed and will not be able to use craigslist for any reason.


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