where do i find info on the casualties of the iraq war?

I mainly want to know how many innocent people died through out the war and how many people are dying now. It's for a research paper so reliable sites please. I tried googling this but i got really crappy stuff. thanks!

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    10 years ago
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    This is a difficult question that no one knows the answer to. The reason for this is that the US invasion completely destroyed all of the government departments that cover this.

    The Lancet, produced a peer reviewed study just after the war which you can read all about here...


    This is without a doubt the best source available.

    Obviously it does not include the people that are still dying of car bombs and other conflicts that have developed as a result of the invasion, since 2006.

    Estimates for air strikes alone amount to 78 thousand deaths.

    Total death are estimated on average around 600,000

    Some people criticise The Lancet for being left-wing, even communist, but these are false accusations and do not invalidate the figures. The Lancet was founded in 1823 and is respected the world over.


    It is worth considering 2 million people that have fled Iraq having their lives ruined too.

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