If it's "my body, my choice," then why can't I sell my kidney on eBay? Or get an elective hysterectomy?

If I'm allowed to scrape out one "clump of cells," why not another clump of cells? I can live on one kidney. And I could use the cash! I should be allowed to sell my kidney to the highest bidder!

And I"m childfree. I'm too old to go on the pill safely, and I'm afraid a tubal would come undone. So why can't I just get a hysterectomy so I don't have to worry about pregnancy anymore? Why do only pregnant women get to choose what to do with their uterus?

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    You can't sell your kidney on eBay, but you can donate it to whomever you want. Kind of like how you have sex with anyone you want, but if you charge money then it's prostitution. I don't agree with that line of thought, but that's the reason.

    You CAN get an elective hysterectomy; there are no laws against that, but most physicians won't do it for fear of a lawsuit if you change your mind later on.

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    For the same reason that you can't sell your baby, or your body, or other body parts. You have AUTONOMY over your body to do what you want with it on a volunteer basis. So you can give a kidney or part of a liver to someone, or you can give your baby up for adoption. You can donate your aborted fetus to science. But you can't sell any of those things. There are laws governing and limiting commerce because they involve more than just yourself and your own body. Abortion is not a form of commerce, you are not selling the aborted fetus. And yes, you can get an elective hysterectomy, it's perfectly legal. However, it involves another person--a doctor. And the law cannot compel the doctor to perform an ELECTIVE surgery. So while it's your right to have the surgery, it's also the doctor's right to decide when and on whom and why to perform ELECTIVE surgery. And I'm guessing you can't find any docs to perform an elective hysterectomy on you because your reasoning for wanting it is flawed. Respectable docs are not too happy to remove healthy organs at the whim of their patients, when a minor, less invasive procedure will do.

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    You can get an elective surgery for the hysterectomy!

    You can give up a kidney to a compatible donor, there needs to be one at the time though for you to donate it, because they don't last too long outside the body.

    Selling body parts on ebay is a stretch though, not allowed!

    Why are these people talking about a child you never mention giving away a child?

    You can give them up for adoption though won't net you any cash.

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    9 years ago

    That's a different thing.

    I have no idea why the medical community even allowed abortions since as you say, they seem to think they own and can control women's bodies otherwise by telling them what they can and cannot do with their women parts, or more importantly WHEN they can do it.

    I think the only real reason is because women would just get the baby out themselves. But you can't do a backstreet hysterectomy. However if you started threatening it (to cut yourself open) there is a slim chance they would give you one due to the distress it's causing you. I thought about that myself lol.

    Tubal wouldn't come undone. You can get it cut. Maybe you could try a copper IUD, another lovely CHOICE us women have. Shove some metal up there and hope it doesn't puncture your bladder etc.

    HOWEVER... you will be protected from pregnancy as well as a tubal ligation. Assuming of course it does not come out of place...

    You could try the mini pill, they are safe but pretty crappy and I think it's unnecessary to force women into these weird options. If they took your ovaries out you would probably need to take hormones afterwards anyway so it's a sh*** situation all around.

    Um, anyone saying women can simply get elective hysterectomies seriously doesn't know what they are talking about.

  • 9 years ago

    People cannot sell kidneys because if that were the case, only the wealthy would receive them. Exactly who would sell a kidney for $150 to a poor person, when the rich person would buy one for $150,000? Poor people should not be punished that way.

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    9 years ago

    I think there is a law against the selling of organs. As for the hysterectomy, you can probably do as you want. Although, most surgeons are hesitant of cutting into a healthy person.

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    9 years ago

    Silly, because "my body my choice" it only applies to abortion

    Why it doesn't apply to other situations, you really expect to get a sound objective reason? Then your hopes are too high. The best you'll get is: "because I say so" type of answer.



    You can't do whatever you want with your kidney as some here say, you can only donate it; if you were to ask for an operation in which you demand that your kidney is destroyed after removal, then that operation would be illegal.

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    9 years ago

    it has nothing to do with your body re the kidney thing

    trading of organs is a slippery slope that could lead to all sorts

    are you quite sure you can't elect to have a hysterectomy?

  • 9 years ago

    I think the law is just up so people won't be driven to do something stupid to themselves in case of a financial glitch. You know, so that debtors can't pressure you or the people around you into it.

    Plus, how do they know it's YOUR kidney?

    Lol, you can pretend to donate it to a "friend", but ask them for money privately...muwahahahahaha.

    Also, how do we know your stuff is clean?

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