Please help! I need to know the name of the "Large Green Book" that my class uses for AP US History...?

I left it at school by accident over winter break and need to complete the Unit Nine multiple choice. I'd greatly appreciate help with finding the title of the book, the questions to unit nine, or even the answers. Thank you!


i forgot to mention that the book is a multiple choice AP US history exam review book.

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  • dizwar
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    9 years ago
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    I don't know the book, but try the links here:

  • alm
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    3 years ago

    properly, English for me grow to be basic because of the fact i'm good at it and had surprising instructors the years in the previous. And it additionally helps my English instructor were my freshman English instructor so I already knew what her classification grow to be going to be like. :) Her homework load grow to be o.k.. the only element i easily disliked grow to be each and all of the analyzing we had to do because of the fact countless the books have been ineffective boring. As for APUSH, it grow to be variety of perplexing. My unique instructor had a scientific incident the 0.33 month of faculty so something of the 1st semester we had to handle 2 (incompetent) subs in the previous we completely have been given assigned a sparkling instructor 2d semester. the recent instructor grow to be astonishing whether. no longer plenty homework as properly study the e book and we took a financial ruin attempt (in specific circumstances 2) on the top of the week. yet he properly-arranged us for the AP attempt. My unique instructor wasn't that no longer basic the two. He could provide us a financial ruin each and each week to study on the top we could take a protracted quiz. No homework as properly study. As for succeeding, as long as you do your artwork on time and pay interest in school, you would be o.k.. the two the instructions are tremendously user-friendly as long as you reside to tell the tale suitable of your study.

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