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question about AP exams and SAT II exams?

Im currently a junior taking average (college prep) classes. (I've always taken CP classes through out my high school life)

Im definitely taking one AP class (french) and possibly these classes: Physics Honors and Calculus AB (if I can really raise my grades this semester)

now, when is it the best time to take AP exams?

I really want to take the AP Biology exam but here's the thing, I've only take the average Bio class, not the AP class.

I've also been wondering about taking the SAT II for Biology.

Which is more beneficial? both? if i have to spend the money for both, then whatever...BUT CAN I TAKE AP EXAMS IF I HAVENT TAKEN THE AP CLASSES? are the AP exams and SAT subject tests pretty much the same? i feel as if the SAT II tests arent even worth it...what do you think?

would AP exams be looked at if I take them in the springtime of my senior year? would SAT II exams?

im seriously freaking out here...just tell me if I should take both AP and SAT II exams at the end of my junior year,,,,and suggest any review books that could help me with both ^^

Thanks! i know this question has been asked before but i want something directed to my particular circumstances...thanks again and i appreciate the time you take to answer this :)


if im up to relearning the material or learning new you think i can take the AP exam if i study the course on my own?

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    AP exams are only offered in May. It is definitely possible to self-study for AP exams, though it takes a lot of commitment and studying, because they cover quite a bit. I wouldn't recommend you to take it this year, because the exam is in 2 months and that's hardly time to learn and revise material. AP classes show that you're challenging yourself, and if you get a good score on the exam, it could earn you credit in college (depends on the college). So you should still go ahead and take the AP courses next year and study to get college credit =]

    For the SAT II Subject Tests, they're just a kind of bonus to add to your college application if you do well. Some really good colleges like the Ivy League require 2-3, but most say SAT II is optional. They're just multiple choice questions that you answer for 1 hour. You can take 3 SAT II Subject Tests in one sitting. I should think they're a lot easier than AP. Though I haven't taken it myself yet, my teachers say you don't have to take AP in order to get a good grade. You'll just have to take honors classes in those subjects or take regular classes and study a bit.

    The AP exams you take during senior year can only earn you credit in college if the score is good, because by then, they'll have already mailed you if you're accepted or not. If you want to take SAT II, you should take it before you send your application.

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    You can take the AP test without taking the course. I'm not sure how beneficial the SAT subject tests are, but I think colleges would recommend you take some. The AP tests are inherently more beneficial, as they provide actual college credits, provided you score at least a 3 on the exam. And yes you will be able to do well if you study on your own; be sure to study from past AP exams in addition to studying the material.

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    Have you taken a class for Biology AP? Biology AP and biology are 2 different things, even though they are both biology, biology AP is much harder and have much more information. If you are going to take the SAT II bio, you should study a book like Princeton Review or Kaplan for Biology. You shouldn't just look at AP Bio's books because the SAT II test is in a much different format and they include a different variety of question. i think you should have both books to learn, not only to study but also familiar yourself with the format of test questions and directions to save you time on the test.

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    I don't know about the subject test, having never taken any myself. While you CAN take the AP Bio exam w/o taking the class, it's not a good idea and you probably won't know enough of the information. As for suggesting review books, I would suggest anything by Princeton, as in my experience, the information you get in there is all relevant, yet concise enough to not make you want to throw the book across the room out of sheer boredom.

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    1. your school might have a testing day for the AP tests, so you might NOT be able to choose. it's normally in like april/may, so that the class taught you everything

    2. don't take the ap test for bio. average classes only teach like half an honors/ap class teaches. average classes dont go into specifics, nor into the "why" they only teach the "what" or the info

    that's basically all i know what to answer.

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