what is a ADP Operator?

I googled, but not getting what I need. What is exactly an ADP operator, what do they exactly do ?

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    ADP Payroll Specialist Job Description

    By Lucy Friend, eHow Contributor .updated: June 8, 2010

    ADP (Automatic Data Processing Inc.) is an organization that offers software, products and services to business for a variety of human resources functions including payroll. An ADP payroll specialist is a professional who maintains, records and processes payroll using ADP products. These professionals have specialized skills using ADP products and software.


    Most employers require a high school diploma or GED. Because this occupation is specific to ADP payroll products, employers may require advanced training or the ADP Certified Payroll Specialist credential, which can be obtained from ADP or its approved training partners.


    The designation of specialist often requires at least five years of experience with payroll processing responsibilities, as well as several years of experience using ADP payroll products to successfully perform the responsibilities of the job. These professionals should also have excellent computer, typing and communication skills.


    Processing payroll using ADP software and products requires maintaining all employee payroll records. This includes entering payroll information for all employees, recording tax withholding information, as well as making appropriate changes in compliance with internal policies and external local, state and federal income tax regulations. These professionals process payment to employees on a scheduled basis which includes creating paper checks as well as direct deposits. Along with payroll processing, a payroll specialist creates reports to ensure accuracy of payroll processing.

    Job Outlook

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects these and related occupations to decline slowly between 2008 and 2018. Increasing automation such as computer programs and software allows employees to record and track their own payroll and timekeeping records. Those who have completed specialized training or certificate programs are expected to have better job prospects.


    Salary for an ADP payroll specialist is generally the same as that of most other payroll specialists. ADP certification and experience may increase salary. In June 2010, CBSalary lists a national average salary of $47,445 per year for a payroll specialist.

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    Adp Payroll Specialist

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