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What to put in a first-aid kit?

I need to make a first-aid kit with things around the house (we can't purchase anything for it) and unfortunately i forgot my booklet with the list of things and examples for it in my locker at school. I need to put it together for this evening, and I have no idea what to put in it? it needs to have everything you would put in an outdoor kit (like if you were to go camping with it).

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    Here are some things to add:

    1) menstrual pads. They are great for soaking up blood (that is what they are meant to do)

    2) Pearl tampons. These are the very small ones. They are great for nose bleeds.

    3) A cravat or two. It's a triangular piece of cloth that you can use to make a sling, tie off pressure dressings, or any number of other things

    4) Vinyl gloves (latex is good too but with the number of people allergic to latex, you are better off with vinyl)

    5) If you have a mouth guard for CPR, put that in there.

    6) Tape. If you have first aid tape great. If not, duct tape should be ok. If you add tape, add small scissors

    7) Small scissors. Ok, you should have these in there anyway. You'd be amazed at what you need them for

    8) Some glow sticks or a cheap flashlight in case you need it at night

    9) If you have some Neosporin (or its equivalent), add that

    10) Instant cold packs

    11) A list of local emergency numbers taped to the inside lid

    12) Some people recommend Tylenol, Advil, Motrin, or Aleve.

    13) If you don't have a cell phone, then you should consider putting a disposable one in here so you can call for help. Have the phone number taped to the phone so you don't have to look it up if you need to give the number to someone

    14) Hand sanitizer

    15) Tweezers (you can probably find some in a cosmetics bag)

    16) If you have room in the container, you could add some small sheets of plastic (4"x4"). They can come in handy for chest wounds.

    17) A first aid booklet

    18) A pocket knife

    19) A bag to put all the waste into

    Think of what types of injuries you are likely to encounter while outdoors. Think of what you know about how to treat these injuries. Think of what you have that would work. Whatever you put in there should be easy to use.

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    Stuff you honestly know the way to make use of. The common seaside go back and forth does no longer require a package necessary pf a paramedic. A few strategies: 30 SPF Sunscreen latex gloves Waterproof band-aids Waterproof adhesive tape a pair bottles of water a chemical-activated bloodless % any drugs you're taking (ie, a further bronchial asthma inhaler) aloe for sunburns gentle gauze (rolled) and gauze pads duct tape (consider what number of makes use of!) a rain poncho tweezers A couple notes on a few stuff individuals have reccomended: a few individuals are allergic to Neosporin. If you wish to deliver a topical antibiotic, % Bacitracin. Hydrogen peroxide normally does extra damage than well because it kills healthful cells as good as micro organism. Use undeniable historic cleaning soap and strolling water if in any respect viable to scrub a wound. You do not point out if you're honestly expert in correct first help and I'm assuming that the package is for your self or whoever you perhaps touring with, so my strategies are centered at the know-how you might have supplied.

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