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After my last one I figured, eh I'll try again.. So here we go.

Let's say the PPV Event here is The Great American Bash

Match #1 A 10 man over the top rope Elimination Battle Royal for the Intercontinental Championship

Dolph Ziggler v. Chavo Guerrero v. Booker T (c) v. The Great Khali v. Vader v. Tugboat v. Dallas Diamond Page v. Honkey Tonk Man v. Eugene v. Kofi Kingston


1- Kofi

2- Dolph

3- Tugboat

4- Dallas Page

5- Chavo

6- The Great Khali

7- Honkey Tonk Man

8- Vader

9- Eugene

Winner: Booker T (Retains Title)

(Time 21:55)

Match 2 Handicap Match

Jerry "The King" Lawler and Joey Mathews v. Michael Cole

Winner: Michael Cole By Disqualification

(Joey Hops in the ring with a sledgehammer, gives Cole a good one in the gut, Lawler Beats cole with a chair, as they are disqualified. Miz and A-Bomb come out to rescue cole and start beating up mathews and Lawler. But then, all of the sudden JBL music plays loud and clear. The crowd is roaring as the Limo pulls up. The driver opens the door and JBL and Armando Estrada both come out and whup Miz and A-Ry back to the locker room.)

(Time 7:23)

Match 3

Triple threat Tag team Ladder Match for the Tag Titles

The Hardy Boyz v. Christian and Edge v. Money Inc(c).

Winner Christian and Edge

(Time 27:14)

Event 1

15 Diva wet shirt contest judged by Abraham Washington

Layla v. Michelle McCool v. Beth Phoenix v. Natalya v. Tamina v. Melina v. Maryse v. Dawn Marie v. Stacy Keibler v. Bellas v. Mickie James v. Jillian v. Mae Young (lol) v. Eve

Winner: Beth Phoenix

Match 4

First Blood Match for the WWE Championship

Stone Cold Steve Austin v. Undertaker

Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin

(Time 17:52)

Match 5

A montreal screwjob Rematch

Bret The Hitman Hart v. Shawn Michaels (With special ref Triple H)

Winner Bret Hart

(Time 21:39)

Match 6

30 man tag team match (Present v. Alumni)

john morrison, miz, randy orton, john cena, kane, William Regal, mark henry, big show, Tyler Rexs, Sheamus, Cm punk, Wade Barrett, Zack ryder, Curt Hawkins and, Daniel Brian v. RVD, Tommy Dreamer, Jim "Hacksaw" Duggan, Ron simmons, slick, Marcus cor Von, Elijah Burke, Big Daddy V, Doink, Diesel, Rikishi, King Kong Bundy, Papa Shango, Virgil and Jake The Snake Roberts

Winner: Alumni

(time 39:48)

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  • Ric F
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    9 years ago

    The Great American Bash:

    - Match 1: 5/10 Not bad could reduce it to a 6 Man Battle Royal- Pin and Give Up making it: Booker T( c ) v. Kofi Kingston v. Dolph Ziggler v. The Great Khali v. Chavo Guerrero v. DDP with the WINNER: Kofi Kingston. Those other wrestlers were obviously not going to win

    - Match 2: 0/10 Commentators? Come on you can do better than that.

    - Match 3: 8/10 do you mean Beer Money Inc? i hope because if not you get a 7/10, but you get an 8 even if it is Beer Money because James Storm would cost them the match.

    - Match 4: 10/10

    - Match 5: 10/10

    - Main Event: 5/10 Okay, i guess but it would actually look like this:

    John Morrison, The Miz, Randy Orton, John Cena, Kane, William Regal, Big Show, Sheamus, CM Punk, Zack Ryder, and Curt Hawkins v. Marcus Cor Von, RVD, Tommy Dreamer, and Elijah Burke. So, its an 11 v. 4 handicap match, but i guess Alumni could still win. i mean the other wrestlers you put in dont deserve to be there and would just take up space or lose the match for their team.

    -------Overall: 6/10

    Not bad. Pretty average card with nothing special, but i would buy it and be okay with it. I wouldnt be amazed at what i saw, but i would be content ( D- ) try to use much better wrestlers next time please.

    word to the wise

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  • Anonymous
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  • 9 years ago

    Man Why would i want to watch a 30 man tag team match come on. That would be good if Hart hadnt had a stroke. Good match for the wwe title. The wet t shirt thing would be great to watch but would be so disrespectful to diva's. The tag team match is good. I would give this about a 5/10

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  • celena
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    3 years ago

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  • 9 years ago

    you get an a from me or a 10

  • ohhhey
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    9 years ago

    10 love it and also on your ? bout that new group i accedently deleted my answer haha(: sorry i still wanna be in the group though

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    what the fucckk.. 4.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I'd pay to see that

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


    to many old people

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