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when do you think awsome kong is going to finally make an appearance in wwe?

i know that awsome kong has a contract with wwe, but when is she going to com on raw or smack down

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    im assuming after wrestlemania because their are quite alot of newly signed wrestlers who appear after wrestlemania like christian, umaga etc

    @andrew, yes i know u freaking idiot, usually new superstars or re-signed superstars appear after wrestlemania, like when umaga came with armando estrada after WM and when christian appeared on ecw

    well those are better examples since umaga and christian are well known, grand master sexay appeared after WM before, is that a much better example then? pr*ck

  • morant
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    3 years ago

    actual, which would be an superb theory for WWE to do on the subject of fantastic Kong.LayCool would desire to declare that they have discovered a answer to the skill of Beth Phoenix and Natalya.They tell them that on the Royal Rumble, they are going to take care of the Unified Divas championship to the ask your self opponent on the Royal Rumble, in a 2 on a million Handicap tournament.LayCool additionally say that if the ask your self opponent wins, LayCool will as quickly as returned be Co-Unified Divas champion. on the Royal Rumble, fantastic Kong beats the two Beth Phoenix and Natalya in the two on a million Handicap tournament.After the tournament, LayCool asks for the titles, yet Kong refuses and provides them the two Kong Bombs. fantastic Kong defends the Unified Divas championship to LayCool at removing Chamber effectively. A adventure is introduced on uncooked here night, with the winner frustrating fantastic Kong at Wrestlemania 27 for the identify(Melina turns face and wins the adventure) At Wrestlemania 27, Melina defeats fantastic Kong to win the Unified Divas championship.

  • Awesome Kong Will Not Be Her In Ring Name. Her In Ring Name Will Be Kia Stevens, Her Real Name. She Will Make Her Debut Right After They Finish This Costume For Her......

    EDIT @ Peter D - presenting East Asia - Umaga dead you *** Kisser\

    EDIT @ Peter D - presenting east Asia - find a better example you chode eater


  • after Wrestle Mania

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  • 9 years ago

    at Wrestlemania during the Divas match.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    WHEN she loses the weight she put on after she left TNA

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    wrestlemania or the night after

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    i would say right after LayCool breaks up(some time before mania)

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