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How do I get the suction back on my Dyson?

Recently I've been having my kitchen renovated and while I was out the builders decided to use my Dyson (DC22 Allergy) to clean up the mess - (dust, chunks of wall plaster, little stones etc.) And made my Dyson all dusty and full of muck so I cleaned it out: Took dirt chamber apart, wiped it out, wiped all outside, unclogged floor head etc (flat out head) and it has next to no suction now! What should I do? Its only a month old.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hi its Darran at Dyson.

    Dyson vacuum cleaners are designed for picking up normal household dust and debris. We would not recommend using your vacuum cleaner for picking up building dust and debris.

    You may find it useful to follow the blockage procedure online at This will help you access all the pieces of your Dyson to clean it thoroughly.

    You may also need to replace the filters as these will be clogged with plaster dust and you may find it difficult to clean them. These can be bought online direct from Dyson or from a local retailer.

    I hope that this information helps resolve this issue for you.

    Kind regards


    Dyson Customer Service

  • 1 decade ago

    Drywall,plaster dust can be very harmful to the vacuum. There has to be some thing else that is blocking the air flow. I use a shop vac and I make sure that both filters are in place. You made a mistake in allowing the contractor to use the Dyson. I don't think that it was designed to be used on a construction site. Check the hose itself if that is how it was used. Sometimes a chunk of debris will get lodged in there and other dirt and stuff will lodge against this and really restrict air flow.

    If this is not the case than take it in, it is probably worth the money,

    Good luck,

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    5 years ago

    Dyson Dc22

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    1 decade ago

    Your Dyson wasn't designed to be a shop vac. The builders should have known it wasn't made and designed to be a shop vac. If you told them they could use it to clean up with, you probably cannot do a lot about it other than ask the builder to either get it repaired or replace it. Of course now, it's your word against theirs. They can say they never touched it and used their shop vac and that you must have used it after they left. You can see where this is going.

  • 1 decade ago

    That's why they make shop vac's

    If I were you, make the builders pay to have it fixed or purchase you a new one.

    They should come with there own vac. to clean up the mess, not use yours!

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