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What website can I buy Mike Dirnt off of Green Days shoes? GOLD THINGS ON THEM!?

THE ONES HE WEARS! Which have the 'GOLD THINGS' on them.

''Look At Picture''

I really Need them!!!!!!


Need to be IN STOCK!

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    The only places I could find selling Mike`s shoes were Journeys and Amazon, both online. I really want some too! If I find a link to one of the places you can buy then, Ill let you know.

    Source(s): Major Green Day Fan :D
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    So they are called Macbeth Mike Dirnt Studio Projects 45 RPM Schubert Shoes

    I would look through ebay or shop around for that name; they seem to be sold out in a lot of places because this is Dirnt's first design and is kinda old. They may or may not still make them.

    Also a major green day fan :p

    I use

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