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I want to start taking better care of my body (like the inside of my body)?

Im 13 (girl) and i want to start taking better care of the inside of my body. like eat a lot of healthy, no junk, (unhealthy)processed foods etc but not because i want to lose weight. its because i want my body to be clean of toxins(?) and stuff. Since i am only 13, i decided that it would be okay if i had a few snack only on saturdays (at least at the beginning), because really, im only a kid. do you think this is a good idea or should i NEVER have any junky foods and candy (i would even have that much, i dont like most, but i do have a few that i do like)

anyways, i have a few questions:

- Does this mean i cant have cake that i bake at home (or cookies)? lol bc i like cakes and cookies (those are really my weakness)

- Does that mean i can basically eat fruits, veggies, fish, meat, dairy... what would i eat??

-Is cereal considered unhealthy processed foods? Okay, WHAT EXACTLY IS PROCESSED FOOD??? haha

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    come on please. your 13.....see a nutritionist that'll show if your actually serious about this.

    Good Luck

    Robert M

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    Good for you, eating healthily is very important. But don't get obsessive about it. Just eat lots of fresh food, fruit, veggies, yogurt (not with loads of sugar) white meat, cheese and semi-skimmed milk(for the calcium), and wholemeal bread if you like it, or crispbread. Or try baking your own bread, with seeds and oats in it. Don't use too much salt.

    The thing to remember is don't have too much fat, especially animal fat, and sugary foods, and don't have too many fizzy drinks. Water is much better for you.

    Having said that, there's nothing wrong with the occasional cake or chocolate bar. If you make your own cakes, you know what goes into them. Compare that with the list on a packet of ready-made cakes and you'll see what I mean. Look for low-fat recipes and use loads of dried fruits and nuts.

    Processed food is basically anything that comes in a packet and has loads of added sugar, salt and mysterious e-numbers, and is best avoided. Some cereals have a lot of sugar and salt, but some are fine. Read the list of ingredients.

    Enjoy your food, and get cooking. At 13, you're at a good age to start. Best of luck!

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