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Who are the afc football teams?

pro football

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    New England Patriots

    Miami Dolphins

    Buffalo Bills

    New York Jets


    Denver Broncos

    San Diego Chargers

    Kansas City Chiefs

    Oakland Raiders


    Indianapolis Colts

    Jacksonville Jaguars

    Houston Texans

    Tennessee Titans


    Pittsburgh Steelers

    Cleveland Browns

    Baltimore Ravens

    Cincinnati Bengals

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  • 3 years ago

    No. merely before 1993 the Pats had no longer something going for them. that they had one super Bowl visual allure, and that they did no longer look (getting hammered by potential of the Bears 55-0 in 1986). Then possession replaced, and the Pats began to become a potential in the AFC. inspite of a lull because of the falling out of Parcels / Kraft, the Patriots, below Kraft's possession, have become a powerhouse franchise. The charges are in a position corresponding to those considered in New Orleans, Seattle, Tampa Bay, Indianapolis, and Cleveland (now the Ravens). those are all small industry communities, and each become a humorous tale franchise for some years... some for their finished existence. although, while the incredible proprietors got here in, they made the incredible strikes and prepare winners. 4 of those 5 communities have gained a super Bowl, and the final (Seattle) become in a super Bowl (and have been given hammered by potential of undesirable officiating). Even the Jets, Cardinals and Lions, are making strides in starting to be to be suitable... so there is not any would desire to lose faith. do no longer leap deliver, stay dependable on your team.

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    I'm not going to list 16 teams on here, google search it.

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  • 9 years ago

    This should have all the info you need

    That's too much to list.

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