How do I turn off my car alarm? 10 pts best answer!!?

I just bought a used 2003 Hyundai Elantra. The car alarm will not. stop. going. off!!!!! It goes off whenever I open the door, even if it was unlocked. It also goes off when I put the key in the ignition and when I turn the key to turn the car on. How do I make this stop PERMANENTLY? I don't live in Detroit so having this kind of safety feature is not needed at all. Thanks in advance.

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    If factory alarm do you have a remote for system, if yes push both lock/unlock buttons down together until horn sounds.this will reset. If no remote lock car, exit and use key to unlock, Other than that you'll have to remove fuse or relay for alarm. If after market alarm there is usually a little toggle switch under dash, drivers side to turn off alarm. If factory alarm check where you bought it and see if they have remote, if not you can buy another one at Dealer.

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    How To Disable Car Alarm

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    There is most likely a button on your key fob or something that says arm/disarm.

    Assuming that you have already found and tired that I'd assume that your alarm system is malfunctioning some how. I'd imagine your best bet is to pull/replace the fuse for the system, assuming that the system isn't immobilizing the car you could also cut the horn if all you want its for it to shut up.

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    If this is factory installed alarm? I would contact the dealer or read the owners manual. If it is accessible, I would just remove the hot lead off of the Horn or electronics that transmit the alarm noise. Good Luck.

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    you may check the fuse of your car,if you are not fixed the set belt may alarm again or in short you're fasten your set belt.and the other one your door not to much close,and you can cut off the wiring's of alarm.and that's the last option.

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    Have the alarm removed. If you want the horn to stop but keep the alarm in the vehicle, disconnect the wire to the horn.

  • if you can locate the brain to the alarm, find the fuse and pull it. that should take care of the issue.

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    well cut the wires on the alarm

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    Hope this helps!

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