Australia residents: Is a Australia a good country to live in?

I'm thinking about migrating to the Australia after college, How is Australia different than the United States?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Australia is great, it has a bit of everything. You can live in a desert, on a beach, in a rainforest, an alpine region, on a riverboat etc. You have more chance of dying from influenza than from violent crime in Australia. The cost of living isn't as high as the UK, but many things here are much more expensive than in the US like petrol and some foods as we don't have the same kind of nationalised programs the US does. Instead of subsidising big agriculture and oil corporations, we subsidise the poor and sick people so we have relatively good welfare and health care systems. I believe that migrants and itinerant workers pay very high tax rates here but if you become an Australian citizen you'll pay the same as anyone earning the same income as you plus you'll get the benefits of free health care that we aussies get. Health insurance is still taken by most people though because it makes your yearly tax rate lower.

    The food in most aussie cities is great, due to the fantastic influences of multiculturalism. Indian, Lebanese, Morrocan, Greek, Italian, Sicilian, Turkish, French, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Nepalese, Malaysian, Chinese, and African cuisine can all be sampled in any big city like Sydney or Melbourne. Even smaller cities like Newcastle have a diverse range of ethnic restaurants. Oh and bush tucker is starting to pop up as well. Strangely we don't have Outback Steakhouse.

    We even have our own type of football which is awesome. Its almost as fast as basketball only with 18 players on each side on a 150m oval and no time outs. Great to watch, makes American Football look unnecessarily complicated and dull.

    Anyway I'm sounding like a flag waving nationalist so can I just point out that our political system is corrupt and there is no point voting for anyone at any level of government. Unlike the US we do not even have the RIGHT to abstain from voting, which I think sucks. But we do have nice beaches.

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    Australia is a great country to live in. It is not concerned with race as the USA is but it does, unfortunately, have a few racists. Guns are not a culture here, gun deaths make the news they are so rare. Religion is a private matter, no-one cares what religion you are, you are judged for yourself not your religion or skin colour. We have had atheist Prime Ministers.

    A driving licence is a privilege, not a right and the police can stop you at any time to check your licence and to give you a breath test. They do not need a reason to do this. You will also be fined for not wearing a seat belt or for talking on a mobile phone while driving. Drivers are fined if their passengers are not wearing seat belts.

    Overall, Australia has a few more restrictions than the USA but it would be a more tolerant nation.

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    I love Australia, its a really nice place. Also 4 of our citys are in the top 10 most livable city's in the world. Melbourne is no.2. Others include Perth, Adeliade and Sydney.

    I think it is a lot different to the U.S. No offence, but i think the people are nicer and more laid back. When i went to america there where more rude people than nice and everyones just so focussed on themselves.

    There is also alot of things that are different. The food, we have stuff like vegemite. The sports. We have AFL, which everyone over here follows. We have different holidays, Australia day. Stuff like that!

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    10 years ago

    Yeah! Australia's a great country to live in. I've lived here all my life and I can't imagine ever living somewhere else.

    I'd say that the majority of us are really friendly, we're really laid back. But it depends where you want to live. If you want to live in the city, then you might meet some real assholes. But the country is really nice. it smells good too haha.

    Definately live on the coast! We have some mad beaches!!!!

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  • juli
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    4 years ago

    Well wherever you're hearing that from is definitely a bad source of knowledge. Australia is like the U.S. In a lot of approaches. Besides without guns. Humans are very first-class here (most folks) and the schooling approach works good. I, myself am an immigrant nonetheless people are very first-class to me and i have not once encountered a rude man or woman? (that's just me) You hear all these reports about damaging animals, exceptionally persons using kangaroos to tuition. I've certainly not obvious an specific snake in my practically entire lifetime of dwelling right here. However the spiders are horrible! And are also commonly the most hazardous. Depends on whereabouts in Australia clearly.

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