Why did John Lennon never tour?

I have seen videos of John Lennon's live performances after the Beatles split.They are from 1969 and 1972 and were each one off shows. They were quite good but after 1972 Lennon never appeared live anywhere. I've always wondered why since he continued to put out an album a year until 1975. Paul McCartney went on tour with Wings and built back his live audience, I think Lennon could have done the same and we would have had all that great live music from him.

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    In 1973 he split up with Yoko, and basically devoted himself to Alcohol and getting into scrapes with Harry Nielsen. He described this 18 month period as his "lost weekend", and bear in mind he was also living with May Peng. He eventually got back with Ono in January, 1975.

    With the birth of his second son Sean on 9 October 1975, Lennon took on the role of househusband, beginning what would be a five-year hiatus from the music industry during which he gave all his attention to his family. He devoted himself to Sean, rising at 6 am daily to plan and prepare his meals and to spend time with him. He formally announced his break from music in Tokyo in 1977, saying, "we have basically decided, without any great decision, to be with our baby as much as we can until we feel we can take time off to indulge ourselves in creating things outside of the family."

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    Actually...John Lenon and Paul McCartney had buried the hatchet by way of 1980 and had been very severely for the reason that a reunion even though I do not forget listening to Yoko was once telling John to transport on along with his profession. John and Paul had been continuously very fond of one another however egos took keep by way of the top of the Beatles however later on the egos pale and I suppose each person within the band quite loved their time there and had been very severely for the reason that going again. I do not forget studying someplace by way of 1980 Paul might simply give up by way of John's condo to jam a little. They had been rekindling their ingenious friendship, it is a disgrace Lennon needed to be murdered. The truth exhibit...i doubt it. I suppose his political and social values might insurgent towards whatever like that, nevertheless it will depend on the structure. in the event that they had been allowed to do harsh political feedback...good possibly.

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    Probably the same reason George didn't.

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    He toured with yoko ono.

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    Well, he did die at a rather young age...

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