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Questions about my story/the publishing process?? please help.?

*** I posted this question on my alternate account.but nobody answered. Please do not steal my ideas. Thanks in advance for your help.*** okay so I have a few questions(obviously) about my story. Its called braindead ( question #1: is this a good title?) And its about a woman police officer named jasmine chase (question #2: is this a good name?) Who is relocated to a small town in north carolina. There she meets james everheart (good zombie name?) And he is nothing like his name. He is completely ugly,old and i want to say dissheveled but what does that mean? Lol im only 13 i dont have a very big vocabulary yet. So then jasmine and james ( i didnt realize how that sounded till now! Is that corny? Should i change her name to maria? Any other name suggestions) start to the way james is a zombie. And james figures hey she would make a good meal,because his family is poor but human money isnt worth that much and his family would be very thankful. so he tricks her into going with him to the zombie world,and she cannot return to the mortal world until she has permission to be free. Humans are much like animals there, they do work for about 3 days and then they are eaten. She has to come up with a plan before they eat her. So general questions: is my story any good? Will publishers publish a 13 year old's story,does age matter to them (I am very mature)? And lastly is it something you would normally interested in? I need to know what my target audience is.

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    Okay, I'm going to answer your questions with absolute honesty. Keep in mind that I'm not being mean or trying to discourage you. I am just telling you like it is. Also, to be completely truthful, no one is going to steal your stuff.

    Question #1: Your title (Brain Dead) is okay. It's not the most original, but if I saw it written on the spine of a book, I would probably be a bit curious.

    Question #2: Jasmine Chase is a perfectly fine name. However, name your character comes secondary to the development of that character, so don't get hung up on names. James Everhart sounds kind of like a soap opera douche who always has his shirt off, but I guess it's okay. And he's a zombie? That could be interesting :)

    Once again, don't worry about names because they sometimes get changed in the publishing process. Besides the word "zombie" nothing about your story really stood out, so it's hard to say whether it would be good or not. At your age, your best bet for publication is in magazines that are geared toward teenagers. As far as your target audience goes: If your character is a police officer, I can fairly assume that she is an adult. Books with adult characters are usually for adults, and books with teenagers are normally aimed toward the YA market. I've never heard of a 13 year old writing for adults.

    I'm not trying to be discouraging. You may get published later on in life, but right now, I would just concentrate on honing your skills. You're only 13! There's no need to worry about getting published yet. Just write for yourself and have fun, sweetheart. If it's meant to happen for you, it will :)

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    If you have to ask so many questions on whether the plot, names, and title are okay sounding for your book then maybe you should re-think writing, and definitely publishing. You're 13, give yourself some time. My stories sucked at that age. I'm not saying your writing isn't good, but you can't even make your own story without asking for our opinions. It's YOUR story, make it yours and not ours.

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