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Writing a story including a girl with leukemia. Help me. ?

Okay, so the girl with leukemia is 5. She's the main character's little sister. But, like, I want something to happen so that she has to go to the hospital. What could happen that is life-threatening? I don't have any experience with leukemia.

The scene is that the main character and her boyfriend are in the bathroom, giving the youngest brother a bath while the other siblings are eating in the dining room. What could happen? Like, the main character and her boyfriend hear a scream? And then what? Help me, please.

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    Cancer patients often have lowered immune systems, which can make even minor infections potentially life threatening. Chemo also interferes with the production of platelets, which means that injuries can be a bigger deal than they otherwise would be because it's harder to stop bleeding. I believe the former is more likely to require a prolonged hospital stay, but I'm not sure.

    Some chemo drugs can also do organ damage. That's a bit less common, but if you look up drugs commonly used to treat the kind of leukemia your kid has (ALL is the most common type in childhood, but not the only one. Even within that, it would be a good idea for you to figure out the details.)

    That's all pretty general, and less than reliable. Any serious injury involving a lot of blood, sudden pain, or suddenly manifesting side effect could result in a scream in another room. I suggest you hit wikipedia and find out what fits. from there, the reactions follow logically. If it's a lot of blood you get people fractically trying to stauch it, get her to hospital, maybe trying to remember her last platelet count or collect a list of her medication, etc. It's not unlikely that a family with a child undergoing cancer treatment would keep a hospital bag packed with the essentials.

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    What that's: The bone marrow produces dazzling white blood cells. The dazzling cells are leukemia cells. on the commencing up, leukemia cells function very almost oftentimes. In time, they might crowd out generic white blood cells, purple blood cells, and platelets. This makes it hard for blood to do its artwork. outcomes - easy warning signs of leukemia: Fevers or evening sweats generic infections Feeling vulnerable or drained Headache Bleeding and bruising certainly (bleeding gums, purplish patches in the floor, or tiny purple spots under the floor) discomfort in the bones or joints Swelling or discomfort in the tummy (from an enlarged spleen) Swollen lymph nodes, exceedingly in the neck or armpit weight help In acute leukemia, warning signs look and worsen immediately. those with this ailment circulate to their physician because of fact they sense ill. different warning signs of acute leukemia are vomiting, confusion, loss of muscle administration, and seizures. additionally, some sufferers improve sores in the eyes or on the floor. Leukemia additionally can impression the digestive tract, kidneys, lungs, or different areas of the physique. somewhat for solutions to all your questions in straightforward language circulate the link under.

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    okay firs the little girl goes to a hosptital because she has leukamia and maybe she has to stay there and her family miss her shes all LONELY

    the little girl might have leukamia or some other sickness like make it alliille fantasy (I LOVE FANTASY!!!!) maybe she has some wierd thing in her like she controls things and if she cant control it it migh cause her, her life

    i dont get it whos screaming? the little girl?

    you should make the girl screams when the boyfriend and the main character get their they migh have found the little girl fainted

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    Write what you know.

    If you don't know what you're writing about, then do the research. Interview parents and kids with cancer.

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    Read "My Sister's Keeper" for inspiration.

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