Geometry Help? Very confusing Puzzle!?

Ok I have tried to find a way to solve this but it's a bit too difficult.

Draw a diagram in which AB and CD Intersect at E but in which angle AEC does not appear to be congruent to angle DEB

I know that It has to be congruent because they're vertical angles but there has to be an answer!


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  • 9 years ago
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    This is the only answer I could think of considering the words "does not appear to be congruent"

    To me, that means the two angles are congruent despite their appearance.

    So, draw a vertical line AB 5 inches long with AEB points marked; E point is ½" from B point.

    Then draw another line CD 5 inches long through E at about a 10º angle.

    Make sure that Line CD only intersects in this fashion:

    C to E is 4 inches long; E to D is 1 inch long.

    This gives the appearance of a large angle opposite a small angle.

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