I have cankles what should I and shouldn't I wear? :(?

I'm 15, 5'1 and 123pounds, I'm losing atleast 8 more pounds but my cankles never seem to go away.. My mom has them but she never did when she wasn't married.. I have touch of class coming in 4 days.. I have to wear a dress I was just wondering what kind of shoes I should wear, what color and everything like that . I wish I could wear shorts and all the sexy things :(

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    ik the perfect shoe u can wear. gladiator shoes would be perf for ur ankle problem. they can either be really tall or go a lil past ur ankle(whick will cover ur ankle right up)or ankle boots will be really pretty too with a dress. u shud buy these types of shoes in colors that match ur dress. u can still be sexy with cankles:)

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