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Anonymous asked in TravelAsia PacificKorea · 1 decade ago

CUBE or YG entertainment auditions?

Hi I'm 14 years old and ill be 15 in september, and i have some questions about auditioning. Okay so im a korean american and i live in california, and i can speak korean but not fluently hehe..sorry asian fail. anyways uhm. heres some questions :)

1. I want to try for either cube or yg, but do they have auditions in the usa? or do i have to like send them my audition through a cd or something?

2. if they accept my audition, am i automatically a trainee or do i have to do like a live audtition too?

3. if i dont make my audition, is there a certain like. uhh. like. ...i mean like. can i audition again soon after? or do i have to wait a certain time?

4. ive been playing piano for 11 years and ive been in the music program at school ever since 3rd that a good advantage :D?

5.if i become a trainee, what do they pay for? or do i have to pay most of it? school, training, etc.

6. do i have to pay a registration fee for auditions if its not an open audition?

okay i think those are all the questions i have haha. thank you so much!

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    I am not the biggest expert on YG and CUBE but i know some things.

    1. YG has mail in auditions. They don't have e-mail auditions.

    CUBE- i think is the same

    2. They will ask you to sing more songs or dance if you are a dancer so they can see you and know what it is like. The process from auditioning to becoming a trainee will be about 2 months and maybe even longer at times.

    3. You can keep auditioning, like i think it was yuri from snsd tried about 100 times to get in

    4. Yes, YG especially likes people with musical talent and so does cube

    5. They pay for almost all of it except your flight to Korea to audition (For your first time to become a trainee)

    6. You do not pay

  • 1 decade ago

    1. Cube recently have the youtube thing, which unfortunately has passed but I think you can still mail/email them. The only way to try for yg is to be in asia during their "global" auditions which again recently happened, but they do accept mail ins.

    2. Most likely you will have to go to the live audition. For all they know you could have forged the whole thing and they could be wasting their money.

    3. No there shouldn't be, but if you do it immediately after than they don't have time to see improvement in you and it'll just be the same thing over again.

    4. I guess so, but so far in yg/cube does it seem like playing an instrument matters? I don't think many kpop artist even play an instrument, but if you do it could be good for variety shows. Remember in yg the voice comes before anything, even if you suck at dancing.

    5. I am not a yg trainee so I wouldn't know this, but if I had to guess it would be yes. From what I've heard you will live in a dorm with all necessities paid for. I'm not sure if you will continue with school since trainees have be trained in other things.

    6. Most are open audition. I actually never heard of a kpop audition where they made people pay to audition.

    Source(s): Myself. I am planing to audition for or yg soon.
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