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What is a distal tremor?

A neuropsychologist told me that I have a distal tremor due to mild cerebral palsy. He also used another word to further describe it (which I unfortunately cannot remember), and I believe he meant to specify that it affects my hands. If anyone knows what he meant, your input would be greatly appreciated.

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    Proximal tremors are pretty uncommon. We do not usually classify them that way. Shaking hands are most often just a Benign Essential Tremor, and have nothing to do with Cerebral Palsy. See a real Neuro doctor. FYI, a slight tremor of the hands, especially under stress , with fear, due to stimulants, is not a sign of brain damage or disease. (in some people with really bad essential tremors it is considered a disease now.) It is an over-sensitivity to adrenaline and is easily treated.

    I would have to see the tremor to tell you what is most likely. See a real physician.

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