Does the LDS Church count closet skeptics (like New Order Mormons) among its members?

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  • 10 years ago
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    The numbers it publishes are baptismal numbers, not attendance counts. So yes, that undoubtedly includes all the New Order Mormons, who attend without believing. It includes most ex Mormons, who seldom bother with the name removal claptrap, and anyone who was baptized as a kid and now can't be found, until their 110th birthday.

    That's why they claim 14 million when even one of their own Mission Presidents (Ted Lyon, active Mormon) publicly says all the top leaders talk about 5 million who are actually active and participating.

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    Most churches count the butts in the pews, something that Mormons don't quite understand. At most, they drop you after a year of non attendance. Well, Mormons do count those too, but they don't ever tell anyone what the result is. It would be embarrassingly different from the big numbers they prefer.

  • j p
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    10 years ago

    The LDS church counts people who have been baptized and confirmed members of the LDS church among its members.

    Those who leave the church and have their records removed are not counted as members. Those who have had their membership revoked are not counted as members.

    Those who have been inactive for a few years or are skeptical of the faith but who have not actively removed their membership are still members. Joining the church is an active process and leaving the church is an active process. The church has no other way to know the state of these peoples hearts so that is left to the Lord.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    This question angers me somewhat and I like many others am indignant that LDS have to answer this question so often when it seems other churches(like say Anglicans) can and do report babies they baptised as members when in truth those children never consented to anything, their parents and community did.

    That being said, yes, sigh, the LDS church counts in its membership some who have not had their names removed from the records, but are nonetheless inactive and at times antiMormon. So? Remember even the Church is an organization of this world not, comprised of humans, who are fallible. Specific organizations I can not comment on.

    Source(s): Baptized LDS and on the record
  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Yep. I'm an ex-Mormon who never took the time to have my name removed. I'm counted the same as an active member in those yearly stat reports.

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  • ?
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    10 years ago

    The LDS goes by head count, not the state of the heart. God goes by the state of the heart. It's just easier for Him than numbers.

  • 10 years ago

    To be counted as a member of the LDS Church you have to be baptized by someone that is acknowledged by Salt lake City & the prophet Thomas Monson as having the proper authority, which is the Melchezidek Priesthood.

  • 10 years ago

    Not really, to be a member of the LDS Church you have to have faith in the Doctrines/Standard Works.

    But since New Order Mormons are not a "faction" and are mostly anonymous we cannot say "you're not LDS" because we do not know who they are. I personally believe that they're still members of the Church.

  • 10 years ago

    Census counting is Census counting. You count all people that are part of an organization. If people haven't removed or taken themselves off than yes they are counted.

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