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How to not sleep all day?

This is a bit of an odd question, but its something I struggle with on weekends and school vacations. I sleep all day. No, unlike my other counterparts its not that im nocturnal, but all I want to do is sleep. To a point I blame this on my restless sleeping during busy parts of my life;I could just be catching up, but I know that's not the entire reason. My problem is that while I could be doing enjoyable things like painting, drawing, reading they just exhaust me. Sometimes I feel guilty doing them because I know I'm proxcrastinating on a lot of projects I need to do

(these projects are long term, but important. For example, I go to a tech school and in order to graduate you have to do a huge project related to your vocation. I am in the media and design program so I'm making a three minute animation complete with sound. It is a frame by frame animation so for every second there are 24 colored, shaded drawings. I'm having fun doing it but its always hanging over my head)

Unless I'm doing anything school or work related I'm sleeping or mindlessly surfing the web. I have great ideas but i never carry them out because im "tired". Sometimes I wonder if its in my head but I really cant get any energy.

So, my question is how do i gather the energy to do pleasent events?

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    maybe you can learn to power nap:


    -->"A power nap is a short sleep which terminates before the occurrence of deep sleep or slow-wave sleep (SWS), intended to quickly revitalize the subject.

    The power nap is thought to maximize the benefits of sleep versus time. It is used to supplement normal sleep, especially when a sleeper has accumulated a sleep deficit.

    Various durations are recommended for power naps, which are very short compared to regular sleep. The short duration of a power nap is designed to prevent nappers from sleeping so long that they enter a normal sleep cycle without being able to complete it. Entering a normal sleep cycle, but failing to complete it, can result in a phenomenon known as sleep inertia, where one feels groggy, disoriented, and even more sleepy than before beginning the nap. In order to attain maximum post-nap performance, it is critical that a power nap be limited to the beginning of a sleep cycle, specifically sleep stages I and II.

    Scientific experiments and anecdotal evidence suggest that an average power nap duration of around 15–30 minutes is most effective. Any more time, and the body enters into its usual sleep cycle. People who regularly take power naps may develop a good idea of what duration works best for them, as well as what tools, environment, position, and associated factors help induce the best results. Others may prefer to take power naps regularly even if their schedules allow a full night's sleep. Mitsuo Hayashi, PhD and Tadao Hori, PhD have demonstrated that a nap improves mental performance even after a full night's sleep. New sleep sensors and sleep timers available on several mobile devices allow advocates of power naps to sleep for exactly as long as they'd like to."<--

    even better if you can plan your naps. use your cell phone to set your alarm for a half hour. first have a small snack then go lay down and try to nap. then when the cell alarm rings, get up and have a cup of coffee or tea, a coke or one of those 5 hour energy drinks (which really work well). if you do this at the same time every day, you will start to fall asleep quickly. make yourself get up even if you're still sleepy and have a cup of coffee or something. the body likes habits and you should be able to form this one pretty quick.

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    I used to have this same issue! But no fear, there is a solution...many in fact.

    Depending on your problem which could be

    1) lack of sleep

    2) vitamin deficiency (which will explain lack of energy)

    3) Depression

    4) Lack of enthusiasm

    So for these for underlying issues there are some definite answers that work and I encourage you to consider each.

    1) if it is a lack of sleep you could try talking to your doctor about possible medications to help you sleep or if you wanted to you could set a bedtime for yourself and use a natural supplement called Melatonin which will help you fall asleep naturally.

    2) A vitamin deficiency would explain a lot of your symptoms. Go see a doctor and get some blood tests done to check for things like Anemia, low calcum, high or low blood sugars...It could be as simple as adding a little more iron to your diet!

    3) You could be experienceing Depression which is also something you should discuss with your doctor especially if it runs in your family. Also consider what has been going on in your life...has something tramatic happened recently? You could be experiencing "Emotional sleeping" a way in which your body deals with emotional trama or particularly upsetting events.

    4) Lack of enthusiasm is a rut that many of us fall into. Boost your enthusiasm by making list of goals that you need to accomplish today. Feel proud as you scratch off each item on the list! Take walks and try to get a little exersize, go out with friends, but just make sure to set time aside for getting stuff done.

    Be happy and healthy!

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  • Jess
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    10 years ago

    You need to see a doctor. I know you think this is all in your head but there is a reason why you are tired all the time. Your doctor will probably do a blood test on you, pretty simple. I went to a doctor for the same thing, don't worry

  • Hari
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    As you are workaholic the work images becoming tiring effect to your mind and cerebral system get tired sub consciously . Take sleeping pills like Calm pose after consulting your doctor while you go for bed during night so the full relaxation of your system during night shall keep you fresh during day time .

    Additioally consume good fruits and green vegetables as organic vitamin suppplement

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    You need to see a Dr. about your exhaustion and lack of energy. You may have a vitamin deficiency or it could be more serious. Diabetes or depression could be the problem.

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    I don't consider I might sleep all day,but i have slept for fourteen hours twice. Once when I injured my back in the late Eighties and i took two pills of one kind and a third capsule of a different type.It used to be over medication.I had the worst hangover like I not ever experienced ever in my life. An extra time I worked twenty-four hours straight followed by way of simplest three hours off followed with the aid of sixteen hours on.I used to be so exhausted that I simply crashed hard.

  • 10 years ago

    See a doctor or Take energy drinks.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    See a doctor.

  • 10 years ago

    get a hobby to keep you busy

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