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Bob H asked in Politics & GovernmentMilitary · 1 decade ago

after coast guard boot camp?

will i get to go home? and if so for how many days also i just got my braces off a few weeks ago and i was wondering if i could bring my retainer with me to boot camp??

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    OK, both answers are completely incorrect. No, you may not take a temporary retainer to boot camp. That is on going medical treatment and it is not allowed. I know that a retainer isn't really on going medical treatment but the military views that differently. A permanent retainer is totally acceptable. You can discuss this with your recruiter.

    As for as time after boot camp... you earn 2.5 days of liberty per month in service. Boot camp is 8 weeks, 2 months... that is 5 days of earned leave. There was a time, a very long time ago, that you went into the hole and the CG gave you 10 days leave. That is no longer the case and has not been the case for well over 5 years now. You get 5 days leave. Now 99.9% of the time you will get your 5 days. However, if there is a reason, needs of the service, you may have to report immediately to your unit.

    Also, you will NOT get an extended weekend off. On the Saturday of week 6, you will get on base liberty. That is for about 8 hours (it must be earned, it is not guaranteed). You can call home, you can go to the movies, hang out at the Enlisted Man's Club, shoot pool, have a cheeseburger... you may not leave base. On the Saturday of week 7, you will be given an off base liberty (again, earned, not guaranteed). You will have a certain amount of time off base, approximately from 10am until 7pm. You will be expected to stay in uniform, remain within the expectations of military bearing and represent the Coast Guard appropriately. If your family leaves close to Cape May they can join you for your off base liberty. However, you may want to spend that time with your shipmates. You will graduate on that Friday after off base liberty, this is the time to enjoy the people you have just gone to hell and back with for 8 weeks.

    Best of luck to you. My ex-husband went through boot camp over 25 years ago. He is still an active duty Coastie, he will become an O-6 Captain this year. My son is also an active duty Coastie and will make Petty Officer this year. I am also the moderator on a Coast Guard forum, you can find a lot of actual honest answers there and maybe meet some people in your boot camp company prior to shipping.

    Source(s): Moderator WWW.USCG.ORG Coast Guard ex husband, Coast Guard son, 25+ years of my life spent with a Coastie! :)
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    5 years ago

    nicely in case you call the Coast shield a boot camp!! in simple terms kidding the rest are right with regards to the Marine Boot camp. Coast shield is likewise not area of the defense force they're place of start secure practices and that they do good issues!!

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    1 decade ago

    Of course you can bring your retainer with you. Whether you get to go home or not will depend on your first duty station's command.

    (Well, that's not entirely true. If your family lives close to where you are doing boot camp, then you may get a long weekend before having to report to your first duty station.

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    1 decade ago

    no retainer unless prescribed by the Navy Doctor,,,,,, yes USCG uses US Navy Doctors

    10 days leave after boot camp is granted

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