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Question for juggalos...?

What are some good songs by Twiztid like:


Afraid of Me

I Remember

Wrong With Me


All the Rest


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    any of their songs. i own all Twiztid cd's.

    but my favorite are:

    Mostasteless:: ALL

    Cryptic Collection 1:: MeatCleaver

    Freek Show:: We Dont Die, F*ckOnTheFirstDate,

    Cryptic Collection 2:: Juggalo Party

    Mirror Mirror EP:: ALL

    The Green Book:: Afraid of Me, U Dont Wanna Be Like Me, Serial Killa

    Cryptic Collection 3:: 2nd Hand Smoke (Remix), Joker

    Mans Myth (Vol. 1):: Story of Our Lives

    Mutant (Vol, 2):: Star Dust

    Toxic Terror:: ALL

    Independent Day:: ALL

    W.I.C.K.E.D.:: ALL -- ((But get all 3 versions.))

    Heartbroken & Homicidal:: ALL.

    Source(s): Juggalo since ICP-Amazing Jeckel Brothers or Twiztid - Mostasteless. since 1999
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    Look, I dont even no wht twiztid r so... wht r they? some kinda fruits?

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